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* AmigaElm

AmigaElm is an "Electronic Mail Reader" which allows you to read and write mail. Normally you'd need a properly installed UUCP or IP package (eg, AmigaUUCP, Feulner-UUCP, Dillon-UUCP, wUUCP or AmiTCP plus INetUtils) to receive and send mail, but AmigaElm is highly configurable so that you can take a mail-folder from a UNIX box, answer the messages and bring the answers back to the UNIX box.

AmigaElm is easy to install and to use. The user interface is very intuitive and similar to the well-known UNIX "elm". Beginners can control all basic functions with menus and some nice GadTools requesters. Advanced users can use aliases, prioritized message tagging, various filename-offers when saving messages and lots of options to configure AmigaElm to fit your needs. In a system with multiple users, AmigaElm allows separate configuration files for each user.

AmigaElm can be invoked in a special "terminal mode" (all input/output from/to console). This is useful for running AmigaElm in the current shell window or over a serial line (eg, with AUX-Handler).

AmigaElm offers basic internal MIME (multimedia mail) functionality (eg, sending 8-bit-text and binaries over 7-bit-lines) and supports "MetaMail" (a full-featured package for handling all kinds of MIME messages -- also available on AmiNet, see section "AVAILABILITY") and "ReqTools" library 2.x (reqtools.library is included).

AmigaElm has built-in support for cryptographic applications (eg, PGP). Encryption and decryption of messages is user-configurable.

download AmigaElm 10.12

* Cookie

This is a very fast fortune cookie program. It prints a nice quote/saying/joke from your cookie database.

The cookie database is a plain text file, entries are separated by "\n%%\n". So you can easily add your own cookies with a simple text editor. Once (after installation or changing your database) you have to generate a hash-table (a small file with lots of numbers) which helps Cookie to get an amazing fast access to entries in even very large databases.

Includes C-source and 2 MB fortune cookies.

download Cookie 2.0

* Cshell

C-Shell is a replacement for the AmigaDOS command line interface. Many builtin Unix-like commands, very fast script language, file- name completion, command-name completion, comfortable command line editing, pattern matching, AUX: mode, object oriented file classes, abbreviation of internal and external commands. Supports multiple users.

C-Shell is easy to install and to use. Online help for all commands, functions and various subjects. ARP-free!

download C-Shell 5.50 (binary and documentation)
download C-Shell 5.50 (source code)
download C-Shell 5.50a (update to 5.50, bin + src + doc)

* EazyBBS

EazyBBS is a Unix/Uucp-like BBS (Bulletin Board System) (aka Mailbox) with UUCP network support for multiple users on multiple ports.

Multi-language support for input, output and commands. Configurable commands, online help for every command. Extremely fast VT102 emulation. Full-screen editor, full-screen input/output masks, full-screen file lister, full-screen chat and line chat. Online games (Greed, Sokoban, Global War).

Z-Modem (xprzmodem.library) and X-Modem (builtin). Comfortable Batch-Download and Batch-Upload. AmiNet-like .readme files (containing file data) for upload and download. Also supports those "brain-dead" FILE_ID.DIZ files.

Thread-oriented message system. Binary mails. Personal newstree for every user, automatically shows new messages and files in subscribed boards and file-areas. Checks integrity of archives and lists contents of archives (highly configurable). CRC checksums to verify correct file transfer.

Handles cursor-keys. Builtin support for "Umlaute", configurable Umlaute conversion after upload and before download. Builtin pager, users can edit their personal configuration easily.

Commands, filenames, boards, file-areas can be abbreviated. AmigaDOS pattern-matching for various commands.

EazyBBS runs on own screen or in window (on any public screen). Fonts configurable. No wimpy GUI, no fancy gadgets... everything's done with VT102 masks (quite comfortable), perfect for remote maintenance.

Configurable for any modem, ISDN board and multi I/O card.

Can be started from Uucp-getty (on already established connection).

Access to boards and file-areas can be restricted to certain users (Unix-like owner/group concept), every group may have one or more moderators. Optionally, all upload may be unaccessable by default, then checked by the moderators and unlocked (if okay).

Very flexible import of peripherals (eg, CD-ROMs or any other devices). Certain files and directories can be excluded. Directories can be archived and transferred in one file (program configurable, size check... configurable).

EazyBBS is comfortable but has no full-blown GUI. If the Workbench is your home and you even don't know how to spell the word "Shell" then EazyBBS is maybe not for you. But if you can handle a shell and if you like sophisticated software -- then you'll like EazyBBS ;)

German support BBS with discussion boards, also available via UUCP.

download EazyBBS 2.21

* MMB_Shift

MMB_Shift makes the middle button - on a three-button mouse - act as if it was a SHIFT-key. This means that it will be very easy to select multiple icons on the workbench or multiple files in a file-requester without having to press a SHIFT-key. Just select the first item with the left mousebutton (LMB), then press the middle mouse-button (MMB) and hold it. Now you can select more item the usual way just as if you were using a normal SHIFT-key.

MMB_Shift is a Commodity. Source code for SAS/C 6.51 is included.

download MMB_Shift 2.0

* RDBFlags

This program lets you modify various flags in the RDB (Rigid Disk Block) of your harddisk drives. These flags are "Last Disk", "Last Target-ID", "Last LUN", "No Reselection" and "Sync Transfer". AmigaOS 2.0 (or higher) required. RDBFlags is not for Newbies and Wimps. Use at your own risk!

Source code for SAS/C 6.55 is included.

Thanks to Ralph Babel (author of "The Amiga Guru Book").

download RDBFlags 1.3

* SetBatt

This tool is a real operator utility. It allows you to set the configuration data saved in the nonvolatile ram of the A3000 clock chip.

Take care - if used in the wrong way this tool can cause great problems or even damage, you are using this tool on your own risk. The most prominent flag you may want to change is the SCSI scan timeout to make the SCSI controller recognize SCSI drives with a long select phase (namely the Seagate ST125N).

Other useful options are changing the sync transfer mode, the host-adapter's ID and the scanning of LUNs.

Any other flags are to be treated with care and probably only serve as means of diagnosis.

download SetBatt 1.2

* WindowShuffle

This is a slightly enhanced version of Stefan Sticht's great commodity "WindowShuffle" (in german: Fensterln). With user-definable key-shortcuts you can browse through windows on the current screen. It's possible to exclude certain windows from being activated.

download WindowShuffle 1.08

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