The very complete ATM hotlist



Published Request for Comments (RFC) documents

RFC790 Assigned Numbers

RFC791 Internet Protocol
Darpa Internet Program Protocol Specification

RFC792 Internet Control Message Protocol
Darpa Internet Program Protocol Specification

RFC793 Transmission Control Protocol
Darpa Internet Program Protocol Specification

RFC774 Internet Protocol Handbook
Table of Contents

RFC1011 Official Internet Protocols

RFC902 ARPA-Internet Protocol Policy

RFC963 Some Problems with the Specification of the Military Standard Internet Protocol

RFC966 A Multicast Extension to the Internet Protocol

Address Resolution Protocols

RFC826 An Ethernet Address Resolution Protocol
An Ethernet Address Resolution Protocol
-- or --
Converting Network Protocol Addresses to 48.bit Ethernet Address for Transmission on Ethernet Hardware
David C. Plummer
November 1982

RFC903 A Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
Ross Finlayson, Timothy Mann, Jeffrey Mogul, Marvin Theimer
June 1984

RFC1293 Inverse Address Resolution Protocol
Terry Bradley, Caralyn Brown
January 1992

RFC1323 TCP Extensions for High Performance
Van Jacobson, Bob Braden, Dave Borman
May 1992

RFC1237 Guidelines for OSI NSAP Allocation in the Internet
Richard P. Colella <>, National Institute of Standards & Technology
EllaP. Gardner <>, The MITRE Corporation
Ross Calloni <>, c/o Digital Equipment Corporation, 1-2/A19
July 1991

RFC1483 Multiprotocol Encapsulation over ATM Adaptation Layer 5
Multiprotocol Encapsulation over ATM Adaptation Layer 5
Juha Heinanen <>, Telecom Finland
July 1993

RFC1539 The Tao of IETF
A Guide for New Attendees of the Internet Engineering Task Force
Gary Scott Malkin <gmalkin@Xylogics.COM>, Xylogics, Inc.
October 1993

RFC1550 IP: Next Generation (IPng)
White Paper Solicitation
Scott Bradner <>, Harvard University
Allison Mankin <>, Naval Research Laboratory
December 1993

RFC1577 Classical IP and ARP over ATM
Classical IP and ARP over ATM
Mark Laubach <>, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
January 1994

RFC1603 IETF Working Group, Guidelines and Procedures
Erik Huizer <>, SURFnet bv
Dave Crocker <>, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
March 1994

RFC1605 SONET to Sonnet Translation
SONET to Sonnet Translation
William Shakespeare, Globe Communications
1 April 1994

William Allen Simpson <>, Daydreamer, Computer Systems Consulting Services
May 1994

RFC1626 Default IP MTU for use over ATM AAL5
Default IP MTU for use over ATM AAL5
Randall J. Atkinson <>, Naval Research Laboratory
May 1994

RFC1680 IPng Support for ATM Services
Christina Brazdziunas <>, Bellcore
August 1994

RFC1695 Managed Objects for ATM
Definitions of Managed Objects for ATM Management Version 8.0 using SMIv2
Masuma Ahmed <>, Bell Communications Research
Kaj Tesink <>, Bell Communications Research
August 1994

RFC1754 IP over ATM
IP over ATM, Working Group's Recommendations for the ATM Forum's Multiprotocol BOF (Version 1)
Mark Laubach <>, Com21, Inc.
January 1995

RFC1755 ATM Signaling Support for IP over ATM
ATM Signaling Support for IP over ATM
Maryann Perez Maher <>, USC/Information Sciences Institute,
Fong-Ching Liaw <>, FORE Systems, Inc.
Allison Mankin <>, USC/Information Sciences Institute
Eric Hoffman <>, USC/Information Sciences Institute
Dan Grossman <>, Motorola Codex
Andrew G. Malis <>, Ascom Timeplex, Inc.
February 1995

RFC1821 Integration of Real-time Services in an IP-ATM Network Architecture
M. Borden, E. Crawley, Bay Networks
B. Davie, Bellcore
S. Batsell, NRL
August 1995

RFC1926 An Experimental Encapsulation of IP Datagrams on Top of ATM
Johnny Eriksson
1 April 1996

RFC1932 IP over ATM: A Framework Document
R. Cole
April 1996

RFC2022 Support for Multicast over UNI 3.0/3.1 based ATM Networks
Grenville Armitage <>, Bellcore
November 1996

RFC2098 Toshiba's Router Architecture Extensions for ATM
February 1997

Other resources and high-speed LAN technologies

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