My So-Called Life - Episode 10

Other People's Mothers

Other Peoples' Daughters
Season 1: Episode 10
Original air date: 11/3/94
Version 1.0 last update 5/7/95
Angela  = Angela Chase
AngelaVO= Angela's Voice Over
Rayanne = Rayanne Graff
Rickie  = Enrique Vasquez
Danielle= Danielle Chase
Patty   = Patty Chase
Amber   = Amber Vallone, Rayanne's mother
Vivian  = Vivian Wood, Patty's mother
Graham  = Graham Chase
Sharon  = Sharon Cherski
Ace     = Drug dealer at school
Wanda   = Girl at school
Ambul.  = Ambulance worker
Medic   = Paramedic
Nurse   = Nurse at the hospital
Tattoo  = Tattoo Artist at Rayanne's party
Libby   = Patty's Aunt Libby
Guest   = Guest at the Chases' party
[Chase kitchen.  Rayanne peers into the refrigerator.]
Rayanne : Refrigerators are so revealing.  I can look in this refrigerator
          and know like everything about your family.  Look at this!  There's
          actual labeled like leftovers in here.  God, I have stuff in my own
          fridge I like never knew what it was.
Angela  : Could you close the fridge?  My mother like, chemically senses
          it if the fridge rises over 47 degrees.
Rayanne : So, who's into the mustard?
Angela  : Oh, my dad.
Rayanne : Hmmm, well, you know what that's about....
AngelaVO: To Rayanne, everything is about...
Rayanne : Sex.  I mean, All you really need to survive is mild yellow.
          All this other stuff is purely recreational.  [takes a beer from
          the fridge.  Angela and Rickie exchange glances]  What?  It's
          domestic.  I think Patty has enough of a life she's not going to
          be counting beers.
Angela  : Maybe we should eat up in my room.
Rickie  : Yeah.
Rayanne : Fine..  [with food in her mouth and both hands, she mumbles to
          Rickie to grab the beer for her.  The leave the kitchen.]
Rickie  : In my refrigerator we've got this mayonnaise jar that nobody wants
          to like, admit is empty.
Angela  : God, I know.  My mother does not put things away.  She's in like,
          denial about spoiling.
[In the living room, Rayanne takes a swig of the beer and hands it back to
Rickie.  Patty and Danielle come in the front door as they start up the stairs.]
Danielle: You're drinking a beer?  At four thirty?
Patty   : Danielle, go play outside.
Danielle: Mom, it's not fair.  My life is totally edited.  [She leaves]
Angela  : Mom...Look, Mom...
Rickie  : I'm really won't happen again.  [Patty holds out
          her hand.  Rickie gives her the beer bottle.]
Patty   : Look, I will not tolerate....Under no circumstances.....There are
          certain rules...[to Angela]  May I see you in the kitchen for a
          moment please? [She and Angela go into the kitchen.]
Rickie  : Now she hates me.
Rayanne : So, she never liked you that much to start off.
Rickie  : No, but now she really hates me.
Rayanne : Look, do you think it's possible to please that woman?  Do you
          think she'd actually give anyone a break?  I mean, have you seen
          her vegetable bin?  I rest my case.
[Chase kitchen]  [Patty pours the beer down the drain.]
Patty   : Grandpa Chuck is back in the hospital for tests.  It's nothing to
          worry about.  The doctors say he'll be out by Saturday so we won't
          even have to call off the party.
Angela  : What party?
Patty   : Angela, I have mentioned this at least a dozen times...Grandma and
          Grandpa's forty-fifth anniversary party?  This Saturday at that
          fondue restaurant?
Angela  : Oh, right.  I hate fondue.  I'm always losing my bread.
Patty   : Don't let me catch you drinking in this house again.
Angela  : I wasn't drinking...
Patty   : You know what I mean.
[Chase stairs]
Rickie  : I know.  Tomorrow I'll bring her a beer to replace it.
Rayanne : Tomorrow we're going to my house.
AngelaVO: I'd been friends with Rayanne Graff for half a year but I'd never
          been to her house.
[The door to apartment A opens and they walk in.  There are wind chimes and
colorful decoration and hanging beads all over.  There is a tarot deck laid
out on the floor.]
Rayanne : Mom, Rickie's here.  I hope you're at least wearing underwear.
Angela  : Walking into someone house for the first like entering
          another country.  Not that I've ever been to another country.
Amber   : Raynee, remember last week when you got all those prosperity cards?
Rayanne : Uh hunh...
Amber   : Well, three guesses what I've got here.  [hands her envelope]
Rayanne : Oh my God!  Money?  From Dad?
Amber   : I opened it.  Two hundred and seventy dollars.
Rayanne : Oh my....oh oh...[opens card]  Happy birthday and maybe more, Dad.
Amber   : I know.  I saw that.  He meant many more.
Rayanne : He wrote, "And maybe more."
Amber   : [to Rickie] Hi sweetcakes. [Kisses him]  Oh my that her?
Rayanne : Yeah
Amber   : Angela.  Come to Ma-ma.  [they hug and Angela squints her eyes]
[later, as Amber is doing a tarot reading for Angela]
Amber   : I finally faced the truth - the only really great foods are
          appetizers and desserts so why bother eating anything else.
Rickie  : Amber, You're so up, even though you're surrounded by negativity.
Rayanne : She's an X-ray technician.
Amber   : It's not as glamorous as it sounds.  What can I tell you sweetcakes?
          Life was created to be lived.  I what'd you wear out your
          welcome at Angela's house?
Angela  : No, see, My mom's not that strict, it's just sometimes she...
Amber   : You don't have to explain.  See this card?  [Holds up a card.]
          That's the world.  This is the daughter who hides her feelings
          behind like the mask.
Rayanne : That's her, big time.
Angela  : But...I...I'm the daughter.
Amber   : Yeah, but so's she.
Angela  : See, my mom was adopted, so she has like these abandonment issues...
Rickie  : I've got those.
Amber   : Well, look right here.  See this card, covering you?  That's the
          moon.  That's like, the deadly mother.  Like, the wicked witch.
Angela  : What, should I be scared?
Rayanne : That's nothing.  Last time I got death.  Mom, show her death.
          That's one bitchin' card.
Amber   : Yeah, but it doesn't have to mean death.  It means one door opens,
          another closes.
Rayanne : Yeah, in your face.  You're having dinner with us, right?
[Chase house.  Patty and Vivian enter the front door.  The phone is ringing.]
Patty   : Mother, just relax.
Vivian  : No, I'll get it...
Patty   : I'll get it!  I'll get it!  I'll get it! [they race to the phone.
          Patty answers it.]  Hello.  Hi.  Where are you?  It's Angela.
Vivian  : [into phone] Hi honey!
Patty   : Grandma's here.  We were visiting Grandpa at the hospital.  No
          sweetie, you can't have dinner at Rayanne's....because Grandma's
          having dinner here and I think it would be nice....
Vivian  : Don't be silly, Patty.  Let her stay at her friends'.
Patty   : Mom!  Okay, you can have dinner at Rayanne's.
Vivian  : Of course I wouldn't mind if she chose to come home.  I never do
          see her...
Patty   : Just give me the address.  No, I'll be there in twenty minutes.
          [hangs up]
Vivian  : What?  [She begins to rearrange the candlesticks on the table.]
Patty   : Nothing.  I'm going to go pick her up. [starts to leave]
Vivian  : What if I've made a terrible mistake.  What if your father isn't
          well enough by Saturday?
Patty   : I don't know.  [comes back into the room]
Vivian  : That crowded, noisy restaurant.  All that fondue.  What was I
          thinking?  The man is a diabetic.  What if they prepare one of the
          dishes incorrectly?  I should call off the whole thing, I should
          cancel the party.
Patty   : Maybe you're right.  maybe you should postpone it until he's feeling
          better. [she moves the candlesticks back]
Vivian  : But everybody's looking forward.  And the doctors all say he'll be
          out by Friday.  And you know Daddy.  If he hears I'm calling off the
          party it'll discourage him.  And he is depressed enough as it is.
Patty   : Yeah, but Mom,, on the one hand you're saying how can we do this,
          and on the other hand how can we not do this?
Vivian  : Exactly.  If only we could have it someplace else.  Someplace he
          would feel more at home.  Someplace  Oh, but I couldn't
          do a thing like that...couldn't do that to you.  [she moves the
          candlesticks again]
[Chase master bedroom]
Patty   : [from offscreen]  Yeah, Mom, I'll be right down!  [enters the room
          and closes the door.]  She's down there.  She's rearranging my
          candlesticks.  Help me.
Graham  : Look.  This is what you do.  You go down there and you say 'Mom, I
          love you but you're driving me to an early grave.  Do not touch my
          candlesticks, ever.'  That's what you do.
Patty   : You're so naive.
Graham  : What?
Patty   : Oh.  [plops down onto a pile of papers on the bed]
Graham  : Hey.  [pushes her off the papers]
Patty   : What's all this?
Graham  : None of your business.  Quit trying to read upside down.  I'm just
          making some lists.  Possible jobs, possible people I should possibly
          call and, you know.  Some goals.
Patty   : That's great.
Graham  : It's not great, it's just something I'm doing.
Patty   : Okay.
Graham  : Oh, don't get all enthusiastic and ruin it for me.
Patty   : Do I do that?
Graham  : Uh hunh.
Patty   : Graham, would
Graham  : No.  No way.
Patty   : How did you know what I was going to say?
Graham  : Cause I know, cause she's down there fiddling with your candlesticks.
Patty   : Graham, please, I'm asking you very nicely, please just spend a
          little time with her...
Graham  : No.  No way am I going down there.
Patty   : I would do it for you.
Graham  : My mother's dead.
Patty   : If she weren't.
Graham  : You wouldn't have to do it for me.  I enjoy my mother's company.
Patty   : Oh.  Now I have to hear about your mother....
Graham  : Well, leave my mother alone, dammit.  I wouldn't go down there,
          not if you paid me.
Patty   : Shhhhh!  I do not want her to hear you!  Shhhh!  I have to go pick
          Angela up clear across town...please...
Graham  : Patty, Patty, I am not going down there.
Vivian  : [from off]  Patricia, are you up there?  Patricia!  I'll just be in
          the kitchen, poking around!
Graham  : Poking around?  [As he starts down the stairs] Vivian?  I didn't
          know you were here.
Amber   : [placing the last tarot card in the spread] There we have it.
Angela  : Wow.  That...that was amazing.  How did you learn how to do that?
Amber   : Are you kidding?  I learned it from a stupid book.  I'll loan it to
          you and you can learn it for yourself...
Angela  : Really?  [The buzzer rings.]   Oh, God.  My mother.
Rickie  : I'll get it. [opens the door] Come in.  [Patty enters}
Angela  : Mom, you could have just honked.
Amber   : Hi, Patty, right?
Patty   : Hi. Yes.  Amber. Well...
Amber   : [indicates cards] Oh, I do tarot.  Just a hobby.  Would you like a
Patty   : No, we should be getting right back.
Amber   : Oh, before you go, Angela, let me find you that book, okay?
Angela  : She's really good at them.  The cards.
Patty   : I'm sure.
[Amber's room.  Amber hunts for the book.]
Amber   : Angela is so cute you could smack her.  Her mom is like from a
          commercial for something really clean.
Rayanne : I might just send that money back to Dad.  I don't want it.
Amber   : Where is that book?
[Rayanne's living room]
Patty   : Amber, we should go.  I've got a million errands to run. I'm giving
          this party for my parents' anniversary this Saturday at our house
          and um...
Angela  : At our house?  I thought it was at some restaurant....
Amber   : I love parties.  Throwing them.  Going to them.  Recovering from
          them.  Listen, I think it's so great that you're throwing a party.
          I definitely think it will help you work through it.
Patty   : Uh hunh.  Work through what?
Angela  : Mom, I think we should go....
Amber   : Wha...are you kidding?  Your feelings about adoption.  What a thing
          to deal with.  I saw a special the other night...did you catch that?
Patty   : No.
Amber   : It really got me.  I mean, I was bawling.  You know, I think I might
          have given up a baby in a past life.  Well, if there's anything you
          need for the party just...
Patty   : Thanks, I think we have everything.
Amber   : Angela, Here's the book.  Go ahead take it.  Here are the cards, you
          can practice with these.  Just be sure you treat them with respect.
          Promise me.
Angela  : I promise.
Amber   : Mmmm.  Angel.

[Chase kitchen]
Angela  : Okay, what's your question?
Danielle: Okay, does Justin Callmay like Karen Kligman?
Angela  : C'mon
Danielle: What?
Angela  : That's not an important question.
Danielle: It is to Karen Kligman.
Angela  : You have to treat these cards with respect.
Patty   : Angela, you know what I was thinking we might do? Do you remember
          those beautiful decorations that you did for Sharon's birthday a
          few years ago, the streamers?
Angela  : Mom, streamers?
Patty   : What's wrong with streamers?  I need somebody to do streamers and I
          need somebody to move all the furniture and clean behind it.
Angela  : Mom, you expect me to move furniture?
Danielle: Is Grandma goanna drive everyone crazy like she did on Thanksgiving?
Patty   : What on earth does that mean?
Graham  : It's a fairly straightforward question.
Patty   : Oh, I meant to tell you, I found this really interesting sounding
          recipe for no fat chicken.  It's skinless...
Graham  : You can't cook chicken without the skin.  That's where all the
          flavor is.
Angela  : You can really tell she's been spending time with Grandma.
Patty   : Listen, can we just pitch in and...and all pull together and...
          because y'know I actually think this could be really fun.  I...I, I
          really kind of do.
Angela  : Well I hope so because life was created to be lived, y'know?
Patty   : Was that on a tarot card?
Angela  : Fine.  I'll do the streamers.
[Girls' bathroom at Liberty High]
Rayanne : I thought you said you were never again goanna hang in the girls'
Rickie  : Never say never.
Rayanne : [to Sharon as she approaches the mirror.]  Hi!  What's wrong with
          your hair?
Sharon  : Just, oh, just, just nevermind okay?
Rayanne : I think you need some mousse. [she digs through her purse and money
          falls to the floor.]
Rickie  : Hey, careful.  Rayanne!  Don't you care?  You're dropping all of your
Rayanne : [as she crumples it up]  It's like, like dead leaves.
Rickie  : Rayanne, how much have you had to drink today?
Sharon  : She's been drinking?
Rayanne : There's no drinking in school.  Don't you know that?
          [hands her a wad of cash]  Here.  Buy yourself a wig.
Rickie  : Stop it.  [Sharon gives the money back and leaves.]
Rayanne : What? She needs a wig.  Oh, don't go, don't go.  Ingrate.
          [gives him the money] I want you to have it
Rickie  : Don't be crazy.  Okay?
Rayanne : I don't deserve it.
Rickie  : Rayanne, You should buy yourself something.  I mean, think, what do
          you really need?  I need new makeup.  Makeup goes bad,
          you know, it does.  It spoils.  You need new CD's because the ones
          you have suck and you could definitely use a leather jacket.
Rayanne : Rickie!  You're brilliant!  A Party!
[Hallway.  Bell rings]
Rayanne : Like, an event!  Like a memory I'll have for the rest of my life.
Rickie  : Like Tino's party?
Rayanne : Only endless!  Like Infininity.  Where so much is going on at every
          second that there's no possibility for uh..for your mind to wander
          and you become this prisoner of like, happiness.  Yeahhh!  [Bell]
[Chase kitchen.  Patty is leaving.  She discovers Vivian at the door with
several bags of groceries.]
Patty   : I'm home.  Oh....
Vivian  : Don't wanna bother you, I just brought over a few extras.
Patty   : I told you I have a meeting.
Vivian  : Whatever.  Just go about your normal routine.
Patty   : [as she brings bags in from the porch]  A few extras?
Vivian  : Turkey is the easiest thing in the world.  And a guaranteed
          crowd pleaser.
Patty   : Mom.
Vivian  : Go.  Go to your meeting.  I'll put those things away.
Patty   : Mom.  Here's the thing.  Graham is very emotional about food when
          he's cooking it...
Vivian  : Emotional about food?
Patty   : Yes.  He's very strong...You know, feelings about um,
          meals, in terms of preparing them.
Vivian  : Patty, it's only a turkey.
Patty   : Mom, it's huge.  It's goanna need its own room.
Vivian  : I wanted to contribute something.  Emotional about food?
Patty   : [leaving]  Nevermind.
[Outside the school.  Rayanne hands out party invitations]
Rayanne : So yeah, tell everybody it's going to be a total blowout!  So uh,
          no dorks and not too many sophomores.  Wait!
Ace     : So, you know, if you wanna acquire certain pharmaceuticals for
          the party...
Rayanne : Oh, I definitely do, yeah.  [his beeper goes off]
[Outside, Rayanne gets alcohol out of someone's trunk and stuffs it under
her shirt.  Sharon looks on disapprovingly.]
[Rayanne makes out with a guy in the back seat of his car]
Rayanne : So should I get a party bowl or a keg?
[outside, as she dances around the parking lot]
Rayanne : Every person!  Take the address!
[Chase kitchen.  Graham stands with the refrigerator door open and a numb
expression on his face.]
Patty   : I'm sorry, I tried to reason with her. [no response] Graham, please.
          Please close the refrigerator.  [she closes it and leave.  After
          she is gone, he opens it again and stares numbly into it.]
[Liberty High hallway]
Wanda   : [to Rayanne]  Well I'm not sure, but I have a feeling, if you wanna
          tag with us, I could probably get you in.  [Rayanne walks away, sees
Rayanne : Angela, word of mouth is like, so huge on this thing.  Some girl
          just invited me.  She, like, invited me.  To my own house!  Saturday
          is going to be historical.
Angela  : Wait, this Saturday?
Rayanne : Yeah, this Saturday.  Tomorrow night.  I've mentioned this at least
          a dozen times.
Angela  : Tomorrow night I have that stupid thing for my grandparents
Rayanne : Fine.  Go hang with your grandparents.  Memorize all the state
          birds, or something.  [starts to walk away, turns]  Hey Angela!
          I'm a bitch!
Angela  : Wait, if I can't come, can I at least help you get ready?
Rayanne : Help, how?
Angela  : Well, I could, I could um...move furniture.
Rayanne : Table there.  [Angela moves the table]
Amber   : Okay, now remember the rules.  Rayanne, are you listening to me?
Rayanne : Yeah.
Amber   : There is absolutely no eating on my bed.
Rayanne : Yes.
Amber   : And don't let things get out of control.  I mean, I realize there's
          going to be some drinking going on and believe me, I would rather
          have it go on under my roof, but don't get too loud because I don't
          want any lectures from that tight ass neighborhood watch.  Okay?
Rayanne : Okay.
Amber   : Yes?
Angela  : Yes.  [to Rayanne] Your mother is amazing.
[Chase kitchen]
Patty   : This party is driving me crazy.
Danielle: Look, Dad...
Patty   : I never should have told her she could have dinner at Rayanne's.
          She's supposed to help me shine this silver.
Graham  : Have Danielle do it.
Danielle: I can't I'm predicting the future.
Graham  : To put something that large in someone's refrigerator...without
Danielle: Mom, so what's your question?
Patty   : Why am I doing this?  [phone rings]
Graham  : [into phone]  Hello?  Ah, Vivian [Patty motions no] Yeah, she's
          right here.
Patty   : Mom, listen before you say anything, I've been thinking.  What?  Oh,
          okay.  No, fine.  Nevermind.  [Patty, with greasy hands, motions to
          Graham who takes the phone and hangs it up]  Well, Dad has been
          released from the hospital.  The tests came back negative and the
          doctors have given him a clean bill of health so, I guess there's no
          reason not to go ahead with the party, right?  So I guess that's
          really good news, isn't it?  Isn't it?  Graham?  Isn't it?
Danielle: Mom, what's your question?
[Rayanne's.  Amber looks up at streamers]
Amber   : I love these.  I'm never going to take them down.  I'm just going to
          spend the whole rest of my life with your streamers.  Oh, Angela.
          You have to go to this other party.  Oh well.
Angela  : Yeah.
Amber   : Maybe there's a way that you can go to both parties.  You have to go
          where your karma takes you.
Angela  : I don't think my mother really knows much about karma.
Amber   : Hmmm...maybe you can teach her.
[Chase living room.  Angela comes in the front door and sees her mother
putting up streamers]
Angela  : Oh, I said I would do it.
Patty   : Well, I'm doing it.
Angela  : Just leave it.  I'll do it in the morning.
Patty   : We have a lot of other things to do in the morning.  About a million
          other things.
Angela  : All right.  I didn't know it was such a big deal.  Ummm, Mom, so, um,
          it turns out there's this thing tomorrow at Rayanne's, like this
          birthday party.
Patty   : Like, this birthday party?
Angela  : Yeah.  So um, it's sort of happening tom...tomorrow, so, you
          know...that's why I was there so long, 'cause I was helping.  Could
          I...ah...I maybe stay here for a while and then go to Rayanne's?
Patty   : You were helping with Rayanne's party?
Angela  : Mom...
Patty   : Forget it.  How could you tell that woman that I'm adopted?
Angela  : She's not just some woman.  I trust her.  I'm sorry, I didn't know
          it was like a secret, or something.
Patty   : Oh, it's not.  It's, it's just not something I want everybody to
Angela  : Why can't I just go to Rayanne's party?
Patty   : Because I need you here.
Angela  : The only reason you're even having it here is because Grandma talked
          you into it.
Patty   : That is not true. [a streamer falls]
Angela  : You know, the karma in this house is like ridiculous.
Patty   : Really?
Angela  : Yeah.  It's really low...or dark...whatever it is that happens to
Patty   : And I'll bet the karma at Amber's house is just through the damn
          roof.  Listen.  You are not going to Rayanne's.  You are going to
          attend your grandparents forty-fifth anniversary party.  Is that
          clear? [Angela turns and leaves the room and goes upstairs.]

[Rayanne's.  Buzzer rings.  She takes a drink]
Rayanne : Let the games begin.  Well don't just stand there, turn on some

[Chase house.  Patty opens the door as Vivian enters]
Patty   : Ah.
Vivian  : What?
Patty   : Whaddya mean what?  Where is Daddy?
Vivian  : Oh, Daddy.  He didn't want to come. 
Patty   : What?
Vivian  : Well, you know how he hates parties...Graham!
Graham  : Vivian.  Happy 45th wedding anniversary.  Where's Chuck?
Patty   : He isn't coming.
Graham  : What? Are you kidding?
Patty   : Well, he didn't feel like it.
Graham  : Really.
Patty   : You know how he hates parties.
Vivian  : You know something?  I think we're better off.  I can never really
          enjoy myself when he's around.  Let's look at it this way.  We can
          all relax.  We don't have to worry about all his crazy dietary
Graham  : It's already made.  I already worried.  The entire meal is nonfat.
          No sugar.  I took the skin off the chicken.
Danielle: Hey, I thought Angela was supposed to do this.
Vivian  : Hey is for horses.  Oh, let me see you.  I love your outfit.
Danielle: I hate this outfit.  I wish I was dead.
Vivian  : No, you don't.
Patty   : Mom, just...
Danielle: How do you know whether I wish I was dead or not?  Are you me?  Am
          I allowed to have a feeling in this house or is that just Angela?
[the doorbell rings]
Libby   : [coming into the house] Happy 45th!
Vivian  : Oh!
Patty   : Aunt Libby!  [they chatter meaninglessly]
AngelaVO: Sometimes I think that if my mom weren't so good at pretending to be
          happy, she'd be better at actually being happy.

[Rayanne's.  Loud music is playing.  People are dancing and drinking
everywhere.  Rayanne is spinning around as she downs a beer.]
Rayanne : Rickie!  Is this gigantic or what?
Rickie  : Uh, Who are these people?
Rayanne : I have no idea.  There's people here I've never seen.  There's
          people in the bathroom...I don't think they're from Pittsburgh.
          Have you seen Tino?
Rickie  : Rayanne, I'm lucky I found you.

[Chase house.  Danielle comes down the stairs in a different outfit and her
hair in two braids.]
Vivian  : You did your hair in braids!  You know who you look like?  Who is
          that little Swedish girl with the monkey, that...?
Danielle: Pippi Longstocking?
Vivian  : That's it!  Pippi Longstocking! [Playing with Danielle's braids]
          Look Libby.  Doesn't she look like that little Swedish girl?
Patty   : I need you to pass hors d'oeuvres.  Where are you going?
Danielle: To change.  [goes back upstairs]
Libby   : I thought you said she destroyed her hair?
Vivian  : No, that was the other one.  [To Patty] Where is Angela?
Patty   : Good question.

[Angela's room.  Patty knocks on the door]
Patty   : Angela?  I need you downstairs.  Angela?  [Angela opens the door.
          She is wearing a tie dye shirt and black vest.]  That is what you
          choose to wear to your grandparents anniversary party?
Angela  : Mom, I think I'm going to Rayanne's. [Patty walks away]  Mom, just
          for a little while.  [Patty gets to the bottom of the stairs and
          runs into guests.  She puts on a beautiful fake smile.]
Patty   : Hi.  Hors d'oeuvres are that way.

[Rayanne's.  Rayanne goes into the bathroom.]
Rayanne : Excuse me, scuse me, scuse me [the couple that was making out leaves]
Rickie  : [following Rayanne into bathroom]  Rayanne!
Rayanne : [as she swallows some drugs] What?  It's a party.  [washes pills
          down with beer]  Boy scout.

[Chase kitchen]
Graham  : Whoa, whoa, do what you want to the turkey.  The turkey means
          nothing to me.  But this is my chicken, all right?
Vivian  : I was simply adjusting the seasoning.
Graham  : It is a curry sauce.  You do not put oregano in a curry sauce.
Vivian  : You can't go wrong with oregano.  Oregano is the universal herb.
Angela  : [entering after her mother] Mom?  Uh, hi Grandma.
Vivian  : Sweetheart!
Angela  : Happy anniversary.
Vivian  : Thank you.  Thank you.  Oh.  That is quite the getup.
Patty   : I asked her to change.
Angela  : No, you didn't
Vivian  : Well, it's quite fine.  Let her just wear what she wants.
Patty   : Whaddya mean it's fine?  It's not fine.
Angela  : Where's Grandpa?
Patty   : Tell her.
Vivian  : I have to check the turkey.
Patty   : You wanna know where Grandpa is?  He's not coming.  That's where
          Grandpa is.
Angela  : Is he back in the hospital?
Patty   : No, he's fine.
Angela  : Oh, so, Grandpa's not coming but yet, I have to be here?  That really
          makes sense.
Vivian  : You don't have to be here.  Go do your thing, as they say?
Patty   : Mom!
Vivian  : Why does she have to stick around here if she has better plans?
Patty   : What about family?  What about doing what's right?
Vivian  : Phooey.
Angela  : Doing what's right?  We're having a party for someone who isn't here.
          I'm missing Rayanne's party because...
Vivian  : Who's Rayanne?
Angela  : My best friend.
Vivian  : You're missing your best friend's party.
Guest   : Lovely hors d'oeuvres.
Patty   : Rayanne is not your best friend
Angela  : Mom, she is so my best friend.  I'm sorry you hate her.
Vivian  : You hate her?
Patty   : Mother, butt out.
Angela  : Another fun filled party the Chases'.
Patty   : Oh, well I apologize deeply that our house can not measure up to the
          joy of being at Amber's where your friend Rickie can guzzle beer
          a..and that that Amber woman reads your tea leaves
Angela  : Oh, just stop it!  Rickie doesn't even drink.
Vivian  : Who is Rickie?
Angela  : Just stop being so hypocritical!  You hated her on sight just...
          admit it.
Patty   : All right, I admit it.  I don't like her.  I don't think that she's
          the right friend for you.  [Angela leaves]

[Rayanne's.  Angela enters and weaves through the people until she
finds Rayanne.]
Rayanne : Oh!  Angela!  [Embraces her.] Oh!  To see you at this moment...
          something was missing, you know?  And then I turned around....
          I just love you so much, Angelika, my friend.  [Pulls her over to
          the floor]
Angela  : Rayanne!  [The tarot deck falls to the floor.  Rayanne picks up the
          top card.  It is death.]
Rickie  : Rayanne!
Rayanne : I have to get my tattoo!  I want it to look just like this.
          [holds up card] I want it to look like this here. [she leaves]
Rickie  : [to Angela] You know, she's always like this.  And she's always okay
          by the time it's over.
Amber   : [coming in the front door]  What the hell?  Where is she!  Rayanne! 
          [shuts off the music]  All right, the party's over.  Let's go.
          C'mon get out of here.  [to two people making out]  And you!  Find a
          Chevy to do that in.  Get out of my house.  Go on.  Get out of here!
          [to Angela] Hi sweetheart.  [to crowd] You have two minutes to get
          out of my house before I call the police.  You got it?  [they leave] 
          Rayanne!  [Enters bedroom, sees tattoo artist over Rayanne and throws
          something at him.]  Get off my daughter.  Get out of my house.
Rayanne : Hi mom.
Tattoo  : Hey, I'm just an artist trying to make a living.
Amber   : [to Rayanne] And you.  You were going to have a few friends over?
          Look at this place, it's a pigsty.  I come home, I've got ten minutes
          before I've gotta meet Rusty and you're destroying the house.
Rayanne : sorry.
Amber   : And tomorrow, we're going to have a long talk about your behavior. 
          You are too drunk young lady.  Way too drunk.  What did I say about
          moderation, huh?  What did I say?  I trusted you.  Now look at you. 
          You look like an old drunk.  [Rayanne coughs]  You pull yourself
          together Rayanne Marie.  I want this whole place cleaned up by the
          time I get back.  [She leaves.  Rickie runs to Rayanne.]
Rickie  : Ray...
Rayanne : Rickie, I love you.  You know that, don't you?  It's so cold.
Rickie  : It's okay, It's okay.
Angela  : What's wrong?  Is she okay?
Rickie  : Just take care...
Rayanne : Why is it so cold?


[Rickie and Angela carry Rayanne into the bathroom]
Rayanne : Let me sleep a little bit.
Rickie  : Get water.  Throw it on her face.  Rayanne, wake up.  You can't
Angela  : What's wrong?  Rickie...what...
Rickie  : I've never seen her like this.  I don't know what to do, Angela.
Angela  : I know what to do.

[Chase house.]
Graham  : [flipping through pictures.]  That's a big one.  Woah!  Another
          big one.
Libby   : So I turn to the waiter, and by this time the entire restaurant is
          listening, And I turn to the waiter and I put down my chopsticks and
          I said, 'well if it smells like MSG, and tastes like MSG, it probably
          is msg.'
[The phone rings.  Patty looks up.  Her mother answers.  Slow motion.  Patty
walks over and takes the phone.]
Patty   : Angela?
Angela  : Mommy, I really need you.
Patty   : [hangs up the phone] Mom...
Vivian  : It's all right.  Go.
Patty   : Tell Graham?
Vivian  : go.

[Rayanne's.  Patty knocks on the door. Angela opens it and embraces her.]
Angela  : Mommy
Patty   : It's okay.  I've called an ambulance.  [leaning over Rayanne]  How
          long has she been like this.
Rickie  : You mean how long has...
Patty   : This breathing this slow breathing.
Rickie  : A while.  Fifteen minutes?
Patty   : [Slaps her trying to wake her up] Rayanne!  [to Rickie]  What did
          she take?
Rickie  : I don't know.  She just kept drinking
Patty   : All right a lot of alcohol.  What about drugs?  I need names.
Rickie  : I know she took Ecstasy.
Patty   : Can you tell me how much?
Rickie  : I don't know.  I think, just like 2 hits.  It looked like she was
          saving one. 
Patty   : Can you find me the one she was saving?  Rickie!  Can you find me
          the one she was saving?  [He finds it]  Get me a blanket.
Angela  : Mom...
Patty   : She's waking up.  Rayanne!  Rayanne!
Rayanne : I don't like you.

[Medical team takes Rayanne out on a stretcher]
Patty   : She's had a lot of alcohol, and some Ecstasy - 2 hits or whatever
          you call them.  Here, I've got the third one.
Ambul.  : Good.
Patty   : [to Rickie] Go on, I'll drive you there.  C'mon.

[In hospital waiting room]
Rickie  : [Handing Patty a bag of potato chips]  Umm...all they had was
          barbecue.  I hope that's okay.
Patty   : That's fine.
Rickie  : Uh, where's Angela?
Patty   : Ladies' room.
Rickie  : Uh, Mrs. Chase, I...I,I really appreciate what you did tonight.
Patty   : That's okay.
Rickie  : Has there ever been someone, like, did you ever try to protect
          someone so much that it, like, hurt?
Patty   : That wasn't your beer the other day, was it?
Nurse   : You can see her now, if you'd like.
Patty   : You go on.  I'm goanna wait here for Angela.

[Rayanne's hospital room.  Angela strokes her hair.  Amber enters.]
Amber   : Raynee?  Oh, God!
Patty   : Amber.  Shh...shh...Listen, listen listen, she's going to be all
          right.  She's goanna be all right.
Amber   : Oh, God.  What a night!  A cop called me and told me they pumped her
Patty   : Yeah, well, Rayanne had a really close call.
Amber   : Oh, these kids can scare the hell outa you.
Patty   : Amber?  The doctor was very concerned...she needs sleep, Amber.
Amber   : [rushes to Rayanne]  Raynee? Raynee?  Raynee, honey?
Rayanne : I'm okay, mom.
Medic   : Uh, miss Vallone?  Miss Vallone?
Amber   : What?
Medic   : There's a policeman out there who needs to speak with you
Amber   : Are you kidding me?  Again?
Medic   : Yes, Ma'am.  [she leaves]
Angela  : Mom, why is he...
Patty   : Don't be scared they're just filling out reports.  [to Rickie]  How
          would you like to attend a very dull party?

[Patty pulls her car into the driveway.]
Patty   : Would you go inside and tell there we'll be there in a minute?
Rickie  : Sure.  [he leaves]
Angela  : I guess I kind of screwed everything up for you today.  With the
Patty   : Nope, you did the right thing you called me.  I mean it.  Will you
          promise me you'll always do that you'll always.....
Angela  : Okay.  Okay, I,I promise.  So how did you know all that stuff, like,
          what to do?
Patty   : I had this roommate in college who...who actually was a lot like
          Rayanne now that I'm remembering.
Angela  : You're kidding.  So what happened?
Patty   : Well, pretty much what happened tonight.  Except...she died.
Angela  : So did you like her?
Patty   : A lot
Angela  : How did she....
Patty   : Angela, I've...what I'm seeing in your future is so...
, scares the hell out of me.  I mean, what
          do I do?  Do I just not let you see her anymore?  I mean, would that
          even work?
Angela  : No.  Mom, I can't....she's my friend.  Please just trust me.
Patty   : Actually I do.
Angela  : Oh, God, poor Rickie.  He's surrounded by our relatives.
Patty   : Go on, I'll be there in a sec.  [Angela leaves.]

[Inside Chase house.  Angela enters through front door]
Libby   : Angela!  Oh, hi sweetheart.  We missed you.  Oh, I love your hair,
          it's wonderful!
Angela  : Thank you.
Vivian  : [to Rickie] Don't be shy, have some more.
Rickie  : You know, it tastes really amazing.  It's kind of...Italian
Vivian  : That's the oregano.
Rickie  : Ohhh.

[Shot of Patty crying in car]

[Inside house.]
Graham  : [to Angela] What the heck is going on?
Angela  : We're having a party.
Guest   : [as Patty enters] Patty, there you are. [Patty hugs her mother]
AngelaVO: Each card has a name.  The magician [Graham], the Empress [Vivian],
          The Fool [Danielle], The Wheel of Fortune [an old couple dancing],
          Strength [Patty]...They represent challenges and tests.  [Patty
          kisses Graham]  Twists of fate.  [Cut to Rayanne in the hospital. 
          Amber sits by her side, holding her hand.]  No card is all good or
          all bad.  Cards can be positive or negative, depending on where they
          fall.  [Cut to Angela sitting in her window reading Amber's tarot
          book]  When you read someone's future, they must think of a question. 
          They must hold it in their mind.  The cards are read in sequence. 
          Each card leads to the next.  We move from terror and loss to
          unexpected good fortune.  And out of darkness, hope is born.  [Fade
          to white]

[End of Other Peoples' Daughters]