My So-Called Life - Episode 16


"Resolutions" 1.16 
(last revision 3/30/95)
Written By : Ellen Herman
Directed By: Patrick R. Norris
Transcribed by: Orlando Quiroz

Angela      = Angela Chase
Sharon      = Sharon Cherski
Rayanne     = Rayanne Graff
Brian       = Brian Krakow
Rickie      = Rickie Vasquez
Jordan      = Jordan Catalano
Danielle    = Danielle Chase
Graham      = Graham Chase
Patty       = Patty Chase
Hallie      = Hallie Lowenthal
Neil        = Neil Chase
Kyle        = Kyle Vinnovich
Phil        = Kyle's friend
Krzynowski  = Mrs. Krzynowski (Guidance counselor)
Katimski    = Richard Katimski
NoName      = Katimski's SO
Anon.       = Anonymous person, background.

VO = VoiceOver

{Everyone's resolutions...}

Angela-VO   : "What I was thinking, as like a New Year's resolution, is to  
               stop getting so caught up in my own thoughts, 'cause I'm     
               like way too introspective...I think."
Sharon-VO   : "I resolve to never again have sex with Kyle, or anyone,      
               again, unless I really love and respect them."
Kyle-VO     : " spend more time with the dog, and Sharon."
Katimski-VO : ", give up coffee, there, that's an easy one."
Brian-VO    : "I resolve, to stop obsessing, over Angela Chase."
Danielle-VO : " badger Mom into letting me wear make-up."
Rickie-VO   : " find some place where I like really, belong."
Angela-VO   : "..but what if not thinking turns me into this shallow        
               person? I better rethink this becoming less introspective    
Rayanne-VO  : " stop drinking, but this time, like, really stop."
Patty-VO    : "I resolve to be less judgmental, less critical, to lighten   
               up! and above all, to be more supportive, and less           
               suspicious, no matter how much it seems like he's hiding     
Graham-VO   : " tell Hallie Lowenthal once and for all that I'm not     
               going into restaurant business with her...and to stop all    
               those long talks with her after class."
Jordan-VO   : "Wait a second, isn't tonight, New Year's Eve?
Angela-VO   : "..okay, so I'll stay introspective, but I do resolve to stop 
              doing Jordan Catalano homework."

Danielle : Happy New Year!
Rayanne  : Happy New Year.
Angela   : Happy New Year.
Rickie   : Happy New Year.

{Chase Kitchen}

Graham   : Great pancakes!
Rickie   : Oh, thanks, I just did what it said on the package..
Graham   : Mmm.
Danielle : Mom! Mom!
Danielle : Damn, I wrote ninety-four {rips check}...I'm going to be late..
Danielle : My green sweater like disappeared..
Rickie   : Oh no, it's under the coffee table next to the stack of          
Graham  : There's a stack of magazines?
Rickie  : There is now.
Graham  : (to Patty) Hey listen, I'm going to try and get home early        
          tonight, after my class?
Patty   : Oh...oh, no um, you don't have to rush home.
Graham  : I don't?
Patty   : No, you take all the time you need, it's whatever makes you       
Graham  : It is?
Patty   : Yes.
Angela  : You're doing the dishes again?
Rickie  : Of course.
Patty   : Okay I'm out of here, you guys have a great {kisses Angela} first 
          day {kisses Rickie} back at school.
Angela  : Ha ha.
Rickie  : And you have a good day at work. Oh tonight's Hollandaise, right?
Graham  : Right!
Rickie  : Well, good luck.
Angela  : C'mon, we're gonna be late for the bus.
Patty   : ..I forgot my other glove, It's freezing out there! 
Graham  : If only he had come into our lives when the girls were still      
          young and impressionable, hm hmm?
Patty   : Rickie?, He's incredible. Not only did he reorganize the linen    
          closet, you can't use a dish without washing it, he's like my     
          mother, only mature.
Graham  : We should adopt.
Patty   : If only it were that easy.
Graham  : Mmm..
Patty   : God, he's such a great kid, I mean what is going on? Why haven't  
          we heard from his aunt and uncle? He's been here a week!
Rickie  : {coming in from outside} I forgot my Odyssey.
Graham  : I know, I tried to ask him about it.
Patty   : I know...he just changes the subject. {with Rickie listening} I   
          mean, don't they care? Do they even know where he is?
Graham  : Do you think I should talk to him again?
Patty   : No, we have to try to contact his parents, or he has to...I mean  
          he can't just stay here forever.

{Katimski's English Classroom}

Katimski : Hmm, oh, oh, okay. Let's, let's just get down to basics. Did     
           anyone, um, start the book? (beat) Anyone read the book jacket?  
           (beat) Okay, I haven't had a cup of coffee in almost twelve      
           hours, I need a little help here! What does Odysseus want?       
           (beat) Enrique? Any thoughts?
Rickie   : Uh, to um...
Katimski : To what?
Rickie   : (mouths "I") [Class bell rings, everyone begins to leave]
Katimski : Hold it! I want everyone to write two pages, due tomorrow, on    
           what does Odysseus want. No excuses!

{Outside in Jordan's convertible}

Angela-VO : "The thing about resolutions is, it's hard to remember them     
             around somebody like Jordan Catalano."
Jordan : This is wrong.
Angela : What?
Jordan : You, doing my homework, it's wrong.
Angela : Well I was just trying to help.
Jordan : It's like I'm taking advantage of you or something.
Angela : You're not taking advantage of me.
Jordan : Yeah I am. It would be different if we were like...but now you're   know, a friend or whatever. (beat) I can't do this      
Angela-VO : "I couldn't believe it, for the first time in my life I         
             actually stuck to a resolution."

{School Hallway}

Anon.   : Hey Cherski!
Sharon  : Hi! 
Anon.   : {to Kyle} Hey it's Sharon!
Sharon  : {sees Kyle, turns and runs into empty classroom}
Rayanne : {in empty classroom w/ Phil} Excuse me, we're like here.
Sharon  : Uh..
Kyle    : {pushes door open} Sharon, are you avoiding me?
Sharon  : What? Kyle!, isn't that a little self centered on your part? To   
          think that people are like spending their day avoiding you?
Kyle    : Can you open the door please? {Sharon opens door}
Phil    : Later Graff, this place is too crowded.
Kyle    : Hey Phil...
Phil    : Hey Vinnovich.
Kyle    : Look, I know why you've been avoiding me.
Sharon  : You do?
Kyle    : Yeah, you've been avoiding me because you think that what         
          happened the other night didn't mean as much to me as it did to   
          you...{Rayanne smirks in the background}...Well it did. I love    
          you Sharon.
Rayanne : Ah hah!
Sharon  : Huh!
Rayanne : Sorry.
Kyle    : That's right! She's a witness, I love you and I don't care who    
          knows it. So, that's all I want to say.

{Cooking Class Parking Lot}

Hallie : So, Brad, is like, completely putuzed about whether my gown should 
        be ivory or bisque. And I'm like, can't we just elope, to Monte     
Graham : Listen, I need to clarify something...
Hallie : You're not going to do the restaurant.
Graham : No I'm not. Now I'm a sane person, I have no desire to squander my 
         family's savings. So, we really should stop talking about it.      
         Because um...what?!
Hallie : Nothing! It's fine. What?, you wanted an argument?
Graham : Well no, no, I just, no, great! I'm glad we discussed it.
Hallie : Me too, 'cause I found this absolutely fantastic space that you    
         can get for a song, no no no, it's perfect, now that you're not    
         involved you can give me an objective opinion! It's got this truly 
         amazing bronze fountain with like, mermaids! It's a storefront     
         down by the train station! 
Graham : Hallie.....So, uh, does the fountain work?

{Chase Living Room}

Danielle : So I can't even wear lipstick?
Patty    : For fun? Around the house? Yes. To school? No.
Danielle : How about if I wear it for fun, and then we go out for pizza?    
           How about just to take like a walk..How about in our driveway?
Patty    : Danielle! 
Danielle : Daddy! Daddy hi!
Graham  : Hi.
Patty   : Hi! So I guess you stayed late after all.
Graham  : Yes, I... 
Patty   : No that's okay, really!
Graham  : I got stuck talking to Hallie Lowenthal.
Patty   : Did you...That's great, how is Hallie?
Graham  : Oh she's fine, I told her I wasn't doing this restaurant thing.
Patty   : Oh good. I mean, that's what you wanted to tell her, right?
Graham  : Well, I mean, isn't that what you wanted me to tell her?
Patty   : Well, only if that's what you really want?
Graham  : Rickie! What's up?
Rickie  : Uh, nothing! I'm just going home.
Patty   : What?! When?!
Rickie  : Um, uh, I guess like now. I talked to Angela, Tino's going to     
          pick me up. So um, uh, how did Hollandaise go?
Graham  : It was fine, um, listen, Rickie..
Patty   : Rickie, um..Are sure that this is what you want?
Rickie  : Oh, yeah, yeah, um, I talked to them, my aunt and uncle?, and um, 
          you know really talked to them, straightened it all out, and I    
          think things are really gonna work out. So look, I, I really      
          thank you guys, but you know, they're like my family, so..
Graham  : Wait a second..
Patty   : Rickie, we want to talk to your aunt and uncle..
Rickie  : No no no, I know! And, and she's been meaning to call and thank   
          you or whatever, but I think she's a little embarrassed. So, so   
          thank you, for everything. And uh, bye.

[Act II]

{Katimski's english classroom, bell rings}

Katimski : Everybody, I want those Odysseus essays before you leave.  And,  
           you should all be on page 50 by Friday.  Yes, thank you. {to     
           Rickie} You gave up caffeine too?  
Rickie   : Oh my God, um, I, I, I was just staying at a friend's house.     
           Uh, Angela Chase, she's in your other sophomore english, the     
           girl with the red hair that's kind of growing out.  
Katimski : Where is your essay?
Rickie   : Um, see uh, her little sister had this really, really bad        
           headache and um, I had to go with her, to the emergency room.    
           So I actually didn't get a chance to, you know, actually do the  
Angela   : Um, Rickie?
Katimski : Oh hi.  How's your sister feeling?
Angela   : Fine.
Rickie   : Oh my God, I better get to Soc.
Angela   : Um, wait Rickie!  Listen Rayanne's all concerned, you have to    
           tell her everything's okay, I mean everything is okay, right?  
Rickie   : Oh, of course, of course.
Angela   : Tell Rayanne okay, she thinks my mom kicked you out or           
           something,  she's driving me crazy.
Rickie   : Okay, I'll talk to her.  Later.
Katimski : Uh wait, um, yeah, Angela, huh, so uh, Rickie stayed at your     
           house last night?
Angela   : No.
Katimski : Oh, I must be confused, I thought..
Angela   : No he was, now he's back with his family.  I mean everything's   
           calmed down over there now I guess.  I mean, I hope so,          
Katimski : Oh well good, I, I hope so too, yeah..
Angela   : Um, can I, can I just ask you something?  Say there's like       
           someone, who's like really smart in a lot of ways, but isn't     
           doing real well in school, especially in English..
Katimski : Oh, say no more.  The, the sign-up sheet, for the peer tutoring  
           program, you could start right after school today.

{Gym class}

Rayanne : Come on Cherski, work those abs!
Sharon  : Oh, why are you even here?  Ow! Quit it!
Rayanne : C'mon, it makes it easier.  I keep, like reliving that moment,    
          with you and Kyle.  
Sharon  : Oh shut up.
Rayanne : I still can't believe the like, fact of it. How he declared his   
          love for you.  So this is like it for you, now, you know, 'cause  
          you're totally fulfilled, right?  Right?
Sharon  : See, Kyle and I had broken up, like officially. But then, New     
          Year's Eve, I was watching that River Runs Through It movie, and  
          he called, and, oh, gosh, what is wrong with me?
Rayanne : Look Cherski, take me and Bobby..
Sharon  : Who's Bobby?
Rayanne : That guy I was with when you and Kyle interrupted us?
Sharon  : That guy's name is Phil.
Rayanne : Whatever, it's not like Bill and I are in love or anything.
Sharon  : Phil!
Rayanne : Whatever!  I mean, you don't have to like, be in love to have a   
          good time.  
Sharon  : Yeah, but let's say he loved you, while you were just like using  
          him, for, you know, because you were watching this movie..
Rayanne : What movie?
Sharon  : This Brad Pitt movie.
Rayanne : Say no more.
Sharon  : Yeah.  And then say you call Phil over, or Bill..
Rayanne : Say I call both of them.  
Sharon  : Ah hah.
Rayanne : He heh.
Sharon  : No, wait, wait..
Rayanne : Ha ha ha ha..
Sharon  : Let's say though, that you have a better time then you used to,   
          when you were technically supposed to like love a much 
          better time.
Rayanne : Is this that really dull movie with all the fishing?
Sharon  : Mmm...I'm going to Kyle, I'm going to tell him the truth, and     
          then I'm going to never have sex again with anyone, until I know  
          it's absolutely the exact right person that I am in complete and  
          total love.
Rayanne : I just hope Brad Pitt's available...and in the tri-state area.

{Future site of restaurant}

Graham : Oh!
Hallie : Oh! 
Graham : Sorry!
Hallie : No..oh..I was just..
Graham : I didn't uh..
Hallie : Ah..
Graham : Uh, it's freezing out there..
Hallie : I know..
Graham : My car almost didn't start..
Hallie : I know..ah, it's freezing in here, but isn't it great? Personally  
         um, I see a dance floor.
Graham : Another roller rink..
Hallie : You know, Brad has this theory about you, ha ha ha, you looked so  
Graham : Well I'm always alarmed whenever anybody's actually talked about   
Hallie : He thinks you secretly and passionately yearn to do this and if    
         you don't you kill yourself or somebody else, or something..
Graham : Brad said this about me?
Hallie : Brad is surprisingly perceptive! So? What do ya think?
Graham : Well, it needs a little work. 
Hallie : No um, seriously, I mean, I, I need to know what you think, I mean 
         I am actually gonna do this and I completely understand of course  
         that you aren't. I just need to know what you think.
Graham : I think it's wonderful.
Hallie : Great! Then you'll do it!
Graham : No! This is why I almost didn't come! {Hallie is laughing..} Get   
         me out of here! I will see you in class.
Hallie : You know Brad has another theory about you..
Graham : I don't want to know..
Hallie : He says you'll cave in at the last minute...ha ha..Bye! {sighs}    

{Chase Living Room}

Neil  : He heh..
Patty : What?
Neil  : Let's just say Graham has a little input, output confusion, {Patty  
        chuckles} I'm almost done.
Patty : Aw thanks Neil, that's great.
Neil  : Want me to explain to you what the problem is?
Patty : No...So, I guess Graham told you that he decided not to open the    
        restaurant, I'm actually kind of sorry about it, I mean, you know,  
        that I wasn't more supportive.
Neil  : What restaurant?
Patty : Ha!? You mean he didn't tell you about this restaurant he was       
        thinking about opening?
Neil  : My brother was thinking about opening a restaurant? By himself?
Patty : Well..Uh, no, as a matter of fact his partner was supposed to be    
        um, you know, that woman?
Neil  : Which woman is this?
Patty : You know, that Hallie Lowenthal, woman.
Neil  : Hallie?
Patty : Lowenthal. He didn't tell you about Hallie Lowenthal? From his      
        cooking class?
Neil  : Uh..wait a, wait, uh, what was her name again? Holly?
Patty : Hallie. Lowenthal.
Neil  : Right, yes, Yes! Yes! Of course!, Hallie. Uh, I really should a,    
        should wear a what I should, {Graham walks in} do...
Graham : Hey!
Neil   : Hey.
Graham : I, I just was a...uh, what are you doing here?
Neil   : Fixed the stereo. Wanna know what the problem was?
Graham : No.
Patty  : So great! Um, oh, hi! {laughs} Um, I have to ah, go upstairs.
Graham : What did you say to her?
Neil   : Nothing. Why, what did you do?
Graham : Nothing, Shut up! Nothing.

{School Hallway, Bell rings}

Jordan : Wait, you actually signed me up?
Angela : I know, in a way it was wrong, but I just have a feeling, that     
         this is going to be really good.
Jordan : I don't know...
Angela : So whoever is going to tutor you, there name is next to yours...
Jordan : Brain?...Kraykow?
Angela : Wait, maybe this is a bad idea...
Jordan : No, if, if I'm already signed up...{Brian walks up}...Are you,     
Brian  : Brian.

{Katimski's English Classroom}

(Various yelling and cheering as Katimski leads the class through some      
 Odyssey related skits)

Katimski : C'mon, give me some drama! {More yelling...}
Katimski : Ok, alright...Wahh!

{Payphone in hallway outside class}

Rickie : ..but if you move, don't you leave a forwarding number? I, I mean, 
         is there a number?....I mean 'cause they wouldn't just move        
         without telling me....I mean, because, that would be crazy, that   
         would be like impossible, because, people just don't do that, do   
         they? {Katimski walks out, sees Rickie}
Katimski : Enrique? {Rickie hangs up phone, walks away}                     

[Act III]

{Katimski's English Classroom, early morning}
{Rickie knocks, walks in..}

Katimski : Enrique!
Rickie   : Um, um, Mr. Katimski?
Katimski : Gee whiz, you're here early..
Rickie   : Um, could, could I speak to you before class, uh, about the      
Katimski : Of course! C'mon....{Rickie sits, looks at Katimski's doughnut}  
           If you want to take that ah, doughnut off my hands by the way,   
           be my guest, I gave up coffee for New Year's, it's kind of taken 
           the point out of doughnuts.... What's up?
Rickie   : Okay, well, um, you know that essay that I never handed in,      
           about what Odysseus wants? Um, can, I get an extension on that?
Katimski : 'kay...
Rickie   : 'Cause, 'cause I read it, um, it's, it's about this lonely guy   
           that wanders the world for like, many years, right?
Katimski : Right.
Rickie   : And, and, and the way that, that it starts like um, in the       
           middle, I, what's that called again, I know you told us...
Katimski : En medius res...
Rickie   : Right.
Katimski : Ah huh, it's in the middle of things..
Rickie   : Right. Uh, 'cause see um, right know it's, it's sort of like,    
           um, it's sort of like I don't have a place to live.
Katimski : ...oh god...Well, well now what happened?
Rickie   : But, I mean it's okay, it's, it's actually, gonna be fine, I was 
           staying at my friend Angela's house for a while, and they're     
           really nice, they're this really great family, but in a way that 
           made me feel lonelier, and I know that sounds ungrateful..
Katimski  : No no no, I understand..
Rickie    : And see, my uncle? I was living with my aunt and uncle,         
            because, well it's sort of a long story...{Wonderful transition 
            to Krzynowski's office}
Krzynowski : ..And you're certain that your aunt and uncle have relocated?
Rickie     : I'm certain.
Katimski   : Oh, Kathy, obviously he can't, I mean there has to be some     
             solution here..
Krzynowski : Well actually I'm, I'm thinking of a place for um, is it       
Rickie     : Uh, It's Rickie, but actually I was thinking that I could get  
             like a job or an apartment..
Krzynowski : Rickie, I gotta say I'm not sure that's realistic, the place   
             I'm thinking of for you is called Pride House..
Katimski   : And, and is that, what kind of a place is that?
Krzynowski : Well, a friend of a friend runs it, and it's got a really      
             warm atmosphere, has a super dedicated staff, and it's, it's,  
             it's great, almost like a family.
Katimski   : Oh well, uh, that sounds pretty good, doesn't it?
Rickie     : Uh, yeah, I guess..
Krzynowski : Look, let me make a few calls, you know, and I'll pull in a    
             few favors, and we'll see what we can do...go to your next     
             class, you know, I'll, I'll let you know when we know          
Katimski   : Well good! Well this sounds..oh my goodness, I've got a class  
             myself, You'll be okay? you, you need another doughnut?
Rickie     : No, I'm fine, thanks. {leaves}
Katimski   : Welcome.
Krzynowski : Richard, I'm on hold here, listen, a place like Pride House    
             has a waiting list, you know, I mean assuming he's qualified,  
             even if I pull every string known to man it's going to take a  
             few weeks to get him in..
Katimski   :  No but, Kathy, that's.. what is he supposed to do tonight?
Krzynowski :  Well it's not a perfect system. Yeah, I'll hold.
Katimski   :  No. It isn't.

[School Hallway]

Brian  : So, Happy New Year.
Sharon : What? Oh, yeah, right.
Brian  : So, how's everything, how's uh, Delia Fisher?
Sharon : What do you want Krakow?
Brian  : Nothing, why? Why would I want anything, I don't want anything, I, 
         I, just need like a favor.
Sharon : Involving Delia Fisher?
Brian  : Involving Jordan Catalano. I was put with him for tutoring.
Sharon : So?
Brian  : So I'd just rather not tutor him, I mean, you have someone you're  
         like tutoring so could you like, switch with me?
Anon.  : {Down the hall} See you at practice Kyle.
Brian  : So you and Kyle are back together now?
Sharon :, it's just... I can't discuss it, okay? So, why can't you  
         tutor Jordan Catalano?
Brian  : I can't discuss it either. 'Cause it, it, it, it just makes me     
         feel like a hypocrite or something, you know? {Kyle gives bear to  
Sharon : Yeah, I do actually.
Brian  : I love you beary much?! Oh my god!
Sharon : Oh shut up!
Brian  : Wait, wait, Cherski, wait, wait, wait, I mean, just this whole     
         situation, see it's like I can't even like look at him so like, it 
         just really boils down to respect, you know, I mean I have like    
         zero respect for him, so, you know it's that simple, I mean, for   
         me to tutor someone that I don't respect wouldn't that almost be   
         like using him?
Sharon : It is definitely wrong to use people.
Brian  : So you'll switch with me?
Sharon : No. No, that won't solve it, that's like the cowards' way out.
Brian  : Well, I mean, I can live with that, 'cause you know, I kind of am  
         a coward, so, heh..
Sharon : No. No, you have to be honest, you have to tell him that it was a  
         mistake and that, and that you can't pretend anymore and that, and 
         that that whole using him thing that, and you know, you just, you  
         didn't want to hurt him!
Brian  : I'm supposed to say all that to Jordan Catalano? ..Hey Cherski?!   
         {waves bear}
Anon.  : Ooh! Cute bear Krakow!
Anon.  : What's his name?!

{Tutoring room}

Brian  : So I basically have like, no real background in the type of stuff  
         you're like, weak in, so you should probably just resign up, and   
         um...Where's my pen...{Takes bear out}
Jordan : What's that bear?
Brian  : Oh, huh, that? That's just this thing this girl gave me...
Jordan : Oh yeah?
Brian  : Look, I, I, I think I should tell you, even though I signed up to  
         tutor people, um, I may have to like, drop out of the program or   
Girl   : Do you have like an eraser I could use for a second?
Brian  : I think so..
Girl   : My eraser like won't erase.
Brian  : Um, here you can keep it.
Girl   : Thanks.
Brian  : What?
Jordan : She would sleep with you.
Brian  : What?!
Jordan : She, would sleep, with you.
Brian  : Because I gave her my eraser?
Jordan : No..Because, because she would. Go get her number.
Brian  : What?! How am I supposed to get her number? I just like ask her    
         just ask some girl I don't even know for her number? Like, without 
Jordan : {Goes over to girl, gets number} So, anyway, the Odyssey? Is like  
         this real long book right? and ah, I..
Brian  : I don't believe this..{looking at number} I don' like do     
         this? This is like how you live?
Jordan : Yeah.
Brian  : {starts laughing}
Jordan : {laughs}
Angela : {walks in} Hi! What's so funny?
Jordan : Nothing.
Brian  : You sort of had to be there..{more laughing} I have to sharpen my, 
         my pencil..{gets up, laughs}
Angela : Look, if this weird for you, being tutored? I don't mind helping   
         you a little longer.
Jordan : It's not so weird.
Angela : Oh, so, huh. Good!
Jordan : You could, have sex with me though..{Angela laughs} if you really  
         want to help. {Angela gets up, laughing} I guess that's a, no.
Angela : {Laughing} I'll let you get back to your work...

{School Office}

Anon.    : Have a seat.
Anon.    : {Phone rings} Liberty High.
Katimski : Enrique..
Rickie   : So, they came and got me out of class, so she reach them? or..
Katimski : Um, no. Heh. I mean..
Rickie   : Uh, Mr. Katimski, I just want to thank you for taking the time   
           out, because that Pride place that, that Ms. Krazy, uh, oh,      
           whatever her name is sounded good and I would have never gone to 
           guidance by myself, so, so thanks.
Katimski : Look, Rickie.
Rickie   : Wait, you called me Rickie.
Katimski : Ah, they ah, they don't, well, you're on the waiting list.
Rickie   : Oh..
Katimski : Which is good, which is very good, the only, the only thing is,  
           you know the immediate problem, so, Mrs. Krzynowski has          
          temporarily placed you in a facility.
Rickie   : Oh, ah, what do you mean, you mean I..
Katimski : No, it's just, it's not forever..
Rickie   : But, but, but what? Is, is, is it like..
Katimski : Look, look, I, I, I don't...Rickie..
Rickie   : No, no, okay...I know..
Katimski : I mean...she wants to see you in her office, she needs to fill   
           out some forms?
Rickie   : Uh, sure, uh..
Katimski : Enrique, wait, Um, I know this is going to work out.
Rickie   : Yeah, me too.

{Chase Kitchen}

Graham : {On the phone} C'mon stop it! God, you are relentless!
Patty  : {Just walking in front door} I'm home!
Graham : Well, I don't care what his theory is...Huh? Ah, hang on a         
         second...{To Patty} Hi, {leans in for kiss} it's Hallie Lowenthal.
Patty  : {Pulls back} Oh, tell her hi.
Graham : {Phone} Patty says hi. {laughs} {to Patty} Yeah, she says hi back.
Patty  : Great!.. "Fabulous."
Graham : {Phone} What?
Patty  : Nothing.
Graham : {to Patty}No, I was just..
Patty  : Oh sorry. "So sorry."
Graham : {Phone} I should probably get off the phone.
Patty  : No, don't get off the phone.
Graham : {Phone} Okay, I will talk to you in class! {hangs up, laughs}
Graham : She just, she wanted to ask me something.
Patty  : No problem. So um, you are considering going into business with    
         Hallie or you aren't?
Graham : I'm not!
Patty  : Okay, it was just question, it wasn't a criticism. Hey you know    
         um, you never told me what your New Year's resolution was.
Graham : Um, exercise more.
Patty  : Mine too. {Graham exits}


Rickie : {Gets up, out of bed}
Anon.  : Hey you..Hey, I'm talking to you, {Rickie leaves} Where you going?

[Act IV]

{Chase Residence}

Patty    : {Knocking on front door} Will somebody please get the door?!     
           {Danielle opens door}
Katimski : I need to speak to ah..
Patty    : Danielle? Who is it?
Danielle : I can't tell yet. {Patty comes to door}
Patty    : Oh um...
Katimski : Oh hi, I'm looking for Enrique, Vasquez. My name is Richard.
}---> at same time <---
Angela   : {arrives at door} Mr. Katimski!
Danielle : Rickie went home..
Patty  : Katimski...Um, why do I know that, name?
Angela : Mom, he's my english teacher.
Patty  : Oh, oh! Enrique Vasquez, do you mean, Rickie?
}---> at same time <---
Angela : What happened to Rickie?
Graham : Who's at the ah..
Katimski : So, Enrique is not here?
Patty    : No, he isn't, why?
Katimski : Ahh..he was brought to a shelter last night, but I..
Patty    : What?!
Katimski : a phone call from one of our counselors, this              
           morning...{referring to the Chase daughters} Aren't they going   
           to be late, for school?
Patty    : Oh, ah, girls, go to school. {They leave}
Patty    : Can, can I get you a, a cup of coffee, or um, something?
Katimski : {agitated} No, now, no coffee. Don't you realize, this boy was   
           under, your roof. Now, how! ..can you just let him go like that?
Graham   : {To Patty} Who is this guy? {To Katimski} Who are you?
Patty    : But, but Rickie told us..
Katimski : {Freaks out} I don't care.. 
Graham   : Hey!
Katimski : ..what he told you! Now why did you believe..! {Patty breaks     
Katimski : {Calmer} I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Forgive me. I uh, gee whiz, I'm   
           really sorry..
Patty    : {Crying} No! Don't! No! You're absolutely right! We should have  
Graham   : {To Katimski} Who are you?!
Katimski : I'm your daughters' English teacher, I am, I am very sorry. I,   
           I, I've never, this is not how I normally behave..
Patty    : No, no, it's okay, because I have felt so, bad about this!
Katimski : No, see I, gave up coffee for New Year's, and I'm going through  
           some, kind of withdrawal and ah...Forgive me, I had no right, to 
           point a finger of blame at you, especially since                 
           I've...mmm...I...your daughter Angela, very delightful person I  
           believe, a firm grasp of language but she doesn't, work up to    
           her full potential...
Patty    : Are you sure you don't want a cup of coffee?
Katimski : The old temptress.

{Girl's Restroom}

Sharon  : I have to tell him the complete truth. I can't become the type of 
          person that would 'use' another person like that, because I could 
          end up like you! heh, no offense. {leaving restroom}
Rayanne : None taken. Hey, Kyle! Cherski here has something to tell you.
Sharon : {to Rayanne, who flees} Shut up!
Kyle   : Hey! Ah, you must have lost this? {holds out bear}
Sharon : Oh!
Kyle   : I found it hanging from a urinal.
Sharon : Thanks. Ah, Kyle, we really have to talk.
Kyle   : Listen um, I rented this video, and I thought maybe we could hang  
         at your place tonight, and like watch it?
Sharon : Kyle, there's something that I have to explain.
Kyle   : It's, it's that movie where these two, like housewives are like,   
         on the run in this convertible, and they're babes, but they're     
         like, really old babes?
Sharon : Kyle, look.
Kyle   : Who else is in it? Uh, you know that guy...
Sharon : {hopefully} Brad Pitt?
Kyle   : Yeah! He's hitchhiking, and they pick him up! He's like, wearing a 
         cowboy hat, like, no shirt! And next thing you know, Bamm! Brad    
         Pitt and that wacky babe are like, going at it in this cheap       
         hotel, like, all night long! ...What did you want to explain?
Sharon : Nothing! How about seven-thirty?
Kyle   : That's fantastic!

{Chase Living Room}

Patty  : God I cannot believe how intense that was..
Graham : I know. I mean he seems like a sweet guy.
Patty  : Oh! Absolutely. I just hope we hear from him...Rickie...
Graham : Well, look, he knows where we are if he needs us, hmm? 

{They go to Kitchen}

Graham : Uh, listen Patty, there's something I have to tell you...It's um,  
         It's been kind of weighing on me...I haven't been um..
Patty  : Oh god..
Graham : ..completely honest, about something, and I, I just, I can't um..
Patty  : {louder} Oh god...Just, just say it, just, say it.
Graham : I want to open this restaurant. See, I missed Angela's birth, uh,  
         because I got stuck in that airport and I missed college, and,     
         because I did. And, and I missed Woodstock? Twice?! And I, I       
         really, I just, I don't want to miss this!
Patty  : {sighing in relief} I will be totally supportive.
Graham : Really?! But I, I thought, I mean that?!
Patty  : Oh yes! God yes! I will be, unbelievably, supportive!
Graham : Wait ah, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a second! What did you 
         think I was going to say?
Patty  : Never mind!

{Tutoring Room}

Brian  : That girl, who's like, number you got for me? Um, she's like a     
         junior, so, I, I don't, I don't know if you still think I should   
         call her, I mean, I cannot stop thinking about how you did that,   
         how you just like, got up and went over there? I mean like, how    
         did you do that?
Jordan : Maybe we better get down to work.
Brian  : Oh, okay.
Jordan : You can even ah, start with the, the basics, you know?
Brian  : No, okay.
Jordan : I mean, even if it seems like too basic? Start with that. And then 
         after if you want, I can teach you how to get someones phone       

{Dual Scene: Rickie in Phonebooth outside, raining; Katimski, at his home}

Rickie   : {In phonebooth, dialing}
Katimski : {Phone rings} Hello?
Rickie   : Ah, ah, Mr. Katimski? It, it's me, Enrique...I'm sorry to bother 
           you, but..
Katimski : Enrique! You're not, don't be silly, are you, where are you?
Rickie   : I'm fine! I'm really fine! How, how are you?
Katimski : Do you need a place to stay? Because I was at the Chases today,  
           and they care about you, you can go back there..
Rickie   : {Shivering} You were at the Chases? Why?
Katimski : 'Cause I was worried about you! I am worried about you!
Rickie   : But, but it's okay! I'm fine, I'm really fine! You don't have to 
           worry. And, and actually, I, I found this place to stay.
Katimski : What, place? Where?
Rickie   : Just...a place. I can't stay at that shelter..
Katimski : I know, Enrique, listen..
Rickie   : Uh huh?
Katimski : {sighs} Never mind, we can talk about it tomorrow. You, you, you 
           have a safe place? to spend the night?
Rickie   : {Looks about phonebooth} Um, yeah.
Katimski : Okay...take care?
Rickie   : {Hangs up} {End phonebooth scene}
Katimski : {Worriedly plays with switch light}
NoName   : Could you please stop doing that?
Katimski : No.
NoName   : So, what's gonna happen to him? ..the kid.
Katimski : The kid'll be just fine, if he lives through the night. The      
           guidance counselor promised me that she'd pull some strings to   
           get him in some group home or another, should only take five or  
           six weeks, it'll be fine!
NoName   : It was question, not a criticism.
Katimski : But you're thinking, why didn't I tell him that he could stay    
           here tonight, you're thinking..
NoName   : No I'm not.
Katimski : Well, I am! We all know what could happen, if we did take him    
           in, if it got out, you realize what people could make of it? I'd 
           lose my job, be crucified..
NoName   : I didn't say anything.
Katimski : What am I supposed to do? Just decide like that, that I'm the    
           solution to some kids life? How egotistical is that? God, I just 
           hate myself, but I can't!
NoName   : Don't hate yourself. {leaves}

{Future Restaurant Site}

Graham : Hallie? Oh sorry, I didn't uh, see you...
Hallie : Did I scare you? Ah, I do have that affect on people.
Graham : didn't scare me. So, Patty is really behind this now, she's  
         ah, she's very into it..
Hallie : That's great! So uh, here's the deal, I did a major schmooze job   
         on the landlord, he said that if we sign now he'll waive the first 
         two months, so, worst case we've thrown away ten months rent, but  
         at least we'll have a place to show investors. I hope to god I     
         haven't pressured you into this..
Graham : {chuckles} Are you crazy? Of course you pressured me into it,      
         without question!
Hallie : No, be honest, I mean people only do what they want to do, I mean, 
         hah, you wouldn't be here if you didn't really want to be, right?  
         You know, Brad, had this theory about you, oh, actually about      
Graham : He had a theory? Then he lost it?
Hallie : No, he probably still has it, but uh, we broke up.
Graham : What? When, when did this happen?
Hallie : We just decided to, not, be engaged anymore. Well, I mean, he      
         decided. I don't know, it's just, you know, it's, the New Year     
         and, you find yourself taking stock or, what have you, coming to   
         certain realizations.
Graham : I'm really sorry. So, what his theory?
Hallie : {sighs} God, you know, I don't get over to that lawyer we won't    
         even have a lease! {leaving} You won't regret this.

{Katimski's house. Dinnertime, a knock at the door}

Katimski : {Goes to door, opens it, it's Rickie}
Rickie   : {crying} Your address was in the phonebook. Sorry. It just got   
           so hard to be alone! {crying}
Katimski : Come on. {brings him inside}

{Door shuts, there's a '3' on the door}