My So-Called Life - Episode 8

Strangers in the House

Transcribed by Orlando Quiroz

"Strangers In The House" 1.08 
(last revision 4/06/95)
Writer      : Jill Gordon
Director    : Ron Lagomarsino
Transcriber : Orlando Quiroz

Angela    = Angel Chase
Sharon    = Sharon Cherski
Rayanne   = Rayanne Graff
Brian     = Brian Krakow
Rickie    = Rickie Vasquez
Jordan    = Jordan Catalano
Danielle  = Danielle Chase
Graham    = Graham Chase
Patty     = Patty Chase
Camille   = Camille Cherski
Kyle      = Kyle Vinnovich
Lerner    = Mrs. Lerner
Doctor    = Andy Cherski's Doctor

VO = VoiceOver
[] = Undecipherable to me.

{Wood & Jones Printing}

{Patty is on the phone}

Patty  : Yes! Absolutely! [] Spiral bind, 150 pages, I know exactly the     
         jobs you're referring to.. the color, of the bond.. I have that    
         information right in front of me the color is um, (laughs) I can't 
         read my own writing..
Graham : Saffron.
Patty  : Saffron. One of the great colors. So, yeah! No problem. You too.   
         Goodbye! (hangs up) (to Graham) You just saved my life.
Graham : Yeah right..
Patty  : So, how did you remember, saffron?
Graham : Because. You're eating rice. Never mind. Anyway, wish me luck.     
         I'll need it. I'm about to meet with Michael Rosenfeld..
Patty  : Oh don't be silly you're so defeatist.
Graham : Patty, Allegheny Systems can go with any printer in town..
Patty  : Graham, you can land this account, I can feel it.
Graham : Uh huh, I'm glad one of us does. Stop.. What did I come in here    
Patty  : The estimates, to bring with you.. Where are they.. (looks around) 
         You know, I hate it, when you get negative like this before a      
         meeting (phone rings, Patty answers)
         Hello? Wood and Jones printing...(Becomes concerned)

{Liberty High - English Class}

{A note is handed to Sharon, who is led out of class into hallway as        
 Angela watches, who spots her dad talking to Sharon.}

Angela : (Sees her dad with Sharon} What?
Lerner : Uh! No talking! Eyes on your own paper!
Angela : Wait a minute.. (gets up and walks out)
Lerner : Angela! Sit down! (Chases Angela to door)
Angela : That's my father!


Graham : (to Sharon) ..going to take you right there, ok? (Sees Angela)     
          I'll be right back
Graham : (to Angela) Sharon's dad had a heart attack.
Angela : Oh, god.
Graham : Yeah, I'm gonna take her straight to the hospital. (Sharon is      
         crying in background) Um, you know what you might do that might    
         help? Angela?
Angela : What? (She's looking at Sharon)
Graham : If you went straight to Sharon's after school. Your mom might      
         appreciate that, she's gonna be there. You know where they keep    
         their spare key?
Angela : (pretty much to herself) Under the planter.
Graham : Okay, I gotta go. (walks over to Sharon) We should go now, okay?

{Sharon's room - Angela and Patty are at doorway}

Patty     : I did the dishes. I'm just gonna grab Camille a sweater and     
            some stuff, she may have to spend the night there. (leaves)
Angela-VO : "When I was little I practically lived at Sharon's house and    
             Sharon's room was like, our world."

{Angela opens Sharon's music box}
{Flashback - Young Sharon is in bed, sick. Young Angela is opening Sharon's 
music box and takes a look at Sharon's hospital bracelet}

Younger Sharon : Hmm. Spelled your name wrong.
Younger Angela : Can I have some? (Sharon's therapeutic beverage}
Younger Sharon : You'll get my germs.
Younger Angela : I don't care. I want my tonsils out too.
Younger Sharon : No.
Younger Angela : Why not?
Younger Sharon : 'Cause it hurts..
Younger Angela : Squeeze my hand as hard as it hurts.. (offers hand)
Younger Sharon : Why?
Younger Angela : So I know how much it hurts! (they squeeze hands) Ow!      
                 (they laugh) 
(End Flashback)

(Patty calls from hallway)

Patty  : Angela! Listen, I think I'd better go on to the hospital without   
         you, I need you at home with Danielle.
Angela : Sure, whatever you want. So dad's at the hospital with Sharon?
Patty  : Yeah, don't worry, I'll send her your love.

(Hospital Waiting Area}

Camille : Okay thank you. (To attendant at hospital)
Sharon  : Well..
Camille : Nothing! They just keep saying the same thing.
Sharon  : I'm, gonna try Kyle again.. (leaves for phone)
Camille : The boyfriend.
Graham  : Oh right. Good. I mean that she has someone. Is there anything    
          else I can do, or?
Camille : Oh, man, I just, I'm thinking these, slow kind of under water     
          thoughts, like I've got to call his sister..( "..she always has   
          these really disturbing.." Graham is entranced with the monitor   
          of Andy Cherski lying in his bed, barely listening to Camille)    
          ..just hasn't hit me yet.
Graham  : I'm sorry, what? Are-are you hungry? Would you like something to  
        eat? or... Heart disease, does it run in Andy's family?
Camille : No, mm mm. Nothing like that. It's weird isn't it? Seeing him     
          lying there on television? I didn't even know they did that. 
          Oh honey! Your hand is shaking! (Graham's hand)
Graham  : Mmm.. 
Camille : Why do I feel so normal?! Just hasn't hit me yet.
Graham  : I-I just have to make one phone call. (goes for phone)
Patty   : (walks in) Camille! (Crying, they hug) 
Camille : It's okay..
Patty   : Why am I crying, he's going to be fine. What do they say, is      
          there any news? Where's Graham?
Camille : Phone call. No there's no news, I mean they just, I don't know,   
          tried to run a test or something but, he's too unstable whatever  
          that means (Patty begins to cry) Oh honey, it's okay, really.     
          They gave him some Sanex(sp?) now we just need to give you some..
Patty   : Here's your stuff.. (hands bag to Camille)
Camille : Oh thanks..
Patty   : ..I put some magazines in there, and um.. I-I didn't know which   
            toothbrush so I-I brought both.
Camille : I'm just going to put these somewhere I'll be right back..
          (walks away)
Graham  : (Comes back from phone) I was calling Allegheny Systems to        
Patty   : Oh right... oh god Graham..(hugs Graham)
Graham  : He's exactly my age..
Patty   : I know..
Graham  : Yeah, we're like eight months apart..
Patty   : I know! It's terrifying, it just can't be happening..
Graham  : Yeah, people our age don't have heart attacks..
Patty   : I know..
Graham  : You know?
Patty   : It's a nightmare. So, did you-did you call Rosenfeld for another  
Graham  : Andy Cherski! A-A huh, My god Andy Cherski! I've never seen Andy  
          Cherski sneeze! He's healthy! He's always telling me to quit      
          eating butter. Yeah I'm seeing Rosenfeld tomorrow.
Patty   : (Sharon comes back from phone) Oh sweetheart! Are you okay?
Sharon  : I guess, except that my boyfriend is like, missing.
Patty   : He's gonna be fine your dad, Angela sends her love by the way.
Sharon  : Yeah..
Patty   : Camille, how can we help? What.. Let us help.
Camille : Pat.. I don't know..
Patty   : Well, let us take Sharon home with us..
Camille : Oh!
Sharon  : What?!
Graham  : It's not a bad idea, if you're mom is gonna stay here..
Sharon  : Uh mom, can I talk to you for a second?
Camille : Sure honey, what? (Camille and Sharon move aside to talk)
Sharon  : I can stay at home alone, by myself..
Camille : You know what? Why don't you let them, take you home. I mean      
          they're just trying to help okay honey?
Sharon  : I know.
Camille : I'm gonna be fine here, you know?
Sharon  : Okay!
Camille : I really am..
Sharon  : ..okay!
Camille : You know that right?
Sharon  : Mm hmm..
Camille : Are you okay?
Sharon  : No, yes! I'm fine. Okay.

Camille : Alright sweetie.. (hugs Sharon, gives thumbs up to Patty)
Patty   : Great! So, I'll telephone you later, okay? I should stay her      
          'cause Camille needs me..
Graham  : Oh, right. (Patty kisses Sharon) (To Sharon) Ready?
Sharon  : Yeah..

(Chase Living Room)

Danielle : Is Sharon's dad gonna to die?
Angela   : (Reading a book) How would I know?
Danielle : How old is he?
Angela   : The same age as dad, they're all like the same age.
Danielle : I-If dad dies..
Angela   : Danielle!
Danielle : Mom says it's nothing.. She talks to me like I'm five.
Angela   : Mom talks to everyone like that.
Danielle : I-if dad did die, who'd give me away?
Angela   : What? (beginning to laugh)
Danielle : Who'd give me away at my wedding?
Angela   : You're so weird..(still giggling)
Danielle : Why?
Angela   : 'Cause who's gonna to marry you? (laughs louder with Danielle)
Graham   : (Walking in through front door with groceries) Hi!
Danielle : Daddy you're home! (Runs to Graham)
Graham   : Hey, hey, hey, hey. (Fends off an excited Danielle)
Angela   : Hi.. (to Sharon)
Sharon   : Hi..
Graham   : Has anyone eaten?
Sharon   : I'm not, hungry.
Graham   : ..and me neither.
Danielle : Me neither.
Angela-VO: "I felt like a really shallow person, because I was, hungry."
Graham   : I better put these away. (Graham and Danielle leave to put       
           groceries away)
Sharon   : Well, I guess I'll go to bed, I mean, I feel really, tired.
Angela-VO: "I wanted to hug Sharon, and tell her things, like how awful I   
            felt, but, it was like I, didn't have the right, because we     
            weren't friends anymore."
Angela : You can have the bed I'll sleep on this. (The comforter Angela     
         brought into the room)
Sharon : No, I can sleep on the floor..
Angela : No! take the bed you're the guest. Hold on I'll get you another    
         pillow..(leaves for pillow) - This pillow's better the other one   
         my baby cousin once peed on it so.. (Sees Sharon asleep on the     
         bed) Sharon?

[Act II]

{Angela's bedroom doorway)

Graham  : (Whispers to Patty) How's Andy, any change?
Patty   : He's still having those extra heartbeats and they still don't     
          know why (Graham sighs) he's gonna need that, the operation with  
          the little balloons..
Graham  : Angioplasty. But he's gonna pull through right?
Patty   : They don't know. What kind of cereal was that you bought and why  
          did you buy all that buttermilk?
Graham  : I bought buttermilk?
Patty   : Got those estimates downstairs don't forget to take them to your  
          meeting with Rosenfeld.
Danielle : (from downstairs) Help! This buttermilk is stuck in my throat!
Graham   : Hmm.. (Heads downstairs as Angela arrives at her room with       
Patty   : Angela, listen I know that you and Sharon haven't been on the     
          best terms but, I just really want you to make an effort..
Angela  : Mom, I'm not a child.. I understand.
Patty   : Look at her, poor kid. I'll drive her to school later you better  
          get a move on though. (Sharon awakes) Honey, how are you feeling?
Sharon  : Okay..
Patty   : (Takes muffin from Angela) Look, we saved you a muffin. (To       
           Angela) Right?
Angela  : ..Yeah..

{Liberty High Band Room)

(School Bell rings as Sharon and Kyle bolt into the band room)

Kyle   : Look, I said I was sorry..
Sharon : (Crying) I left five messages for you Kyle, five! I mean, my       
          father is in the.. I mean.. I need you!
Kyle   : Right! So.. I've gotta, create a circuit for shop. So, I'll call   
         you later okay?
Sharon : Kyle! (Cries, as Brian, who's been listening in the background     
         tries to escape without notice, but fails, Sharon cries louder)
Brian  : Look I didn't hear anything just now, okay? So, I-I mean, I heard, 
         you were having an arg.. a conversation so I just basically tuned  
         it out. I'm able to do that, I-I-I like not hear things            
         so..(Meanwhile, Sharon walks over to Brian and hugs him, Brian is  
         slightly clueless)
Rayanne : (Rayanne and Rickie walk by in the hall and spot Brian and        
           Sharon) Ooh! Comparing instruments? (Rayanne and Rickie laugh    
           and run off)
Brian  : She is such an idiot. You wouldn't believe some of the things that 
         girl has said to me..
Sharon : That was so stupid of me, crying.. (Sharon backs away)
Brian  : No, that's okay. I mean..
Sharon : Well, see you later. See you on the bus.. (exits through hallway)

(Out in hallway, Rayanne is nearby)

Brian   : You're taking my bus?
Sharon  : Yeah, 'cause I'm staying at Angela's..
Rayanne : What?!
Brian   : Oh.

(Scene flips between Rayanne at Sharon's locker, and Rickie and Brian       
 walking the hall)

Rayanne : (Over at Sharon's locker) So, I heard about your dad, tough       
           break. So girl in distress hurls herself on guy with no life,    

Brian : Anyway, it's probably just a figure of speech, see you on the bus?  
        I mean, she probably didn't mean she'd actually see me, she was     
        being polite, she just means yeah, we'll be on the same bus but     
        not actually together, right?

Rayanne : So you are _staying_ at Angela's house?
Sharon  : Yeah, what do you care?
Rayanne : I don't. So what, is her dad like cooking you up all kinds of     
          good food or something?

Brian  : But what about, you know, Kyle? I mean they've been like           
         umbilically attached for like a month.
Rickie : Kyle was probably her popular jock phase, now she's moving into    
         her awkward but sensitive guy phase, you know?
Brian  : So you're saying I'm like someone's phase?
Rickie : Hey, I wish I was.

Rayanne : Oh well lucky you, you're like living at the Chase's.
Sharon  : Yeah, woop dee doo. (walks away)
Rayanne : Hey look, if you guys are like friends again, you don't have to   
          like conceal it or anything, I can take it.

{Hospital Waiting Area}

Camille : You see that nurse right there?
Patty   : Mm hmm..
Camille : She blames me. She thinks that I brought the heart attack on, by  
          my sexual demands.. (Patty and Camille laugh) No actually, my     
          sexual commands.. (more laughing as Graham arrives on the scene)
Graham  : What is it? Good news?
Patty   : What makes you think that? Actually Andy is pretty much the same? 
          (Camille and Patty can't stop laughing) But I thought that you..
Graham  : I was on my way to Allegheny Systems when I realized..
           "forgot the estimates.."
Patty   : Oh, here. (Hands Graham the estimates)
Graham  : Can't believe I did this. Anyway.. Oh wait, here, here! (Pulls    
          out cake, hands to Camille)
Camille : Oh Graham! This is beautiful!
Graham  : It's a lemon-hazelnut tort.
Camille : Oh thank you!
Patty   : When did you?
Graham  : I, couldn't sleep, I was up waiting for you.
Camille : (Eating some tort) Mmm.. Oh, my, god Patty..
Patty   : You waited up for me? I mean I thought
Camille : This is heaven..! 
Graham  : Only 'till three, but uh.. Well! I guess I'm gonna be late for    
          this meeting.. I better, phone him.. (leaves for phone)
Camille : Your husband is an artist.
Patty   : Oh god, I can't bear it. He's just, sabotaging himself, he's      
          sabotaging this account that would mean so much to us and, I      
          can't even say anything because..
Camille : Oh my god Patty, what.. what..
Patty   : What?
Camille : What would I do? I mean. How would I survive?
Patty   : Camille, Camille it's okay honey you're gonna be okay..
Camille : No you don't understand, I need him, I'm not like you..
Patty   : What?
Camille : No, I didn't..
Patty   : Wait, wait, what am I like?
Camille : I didn't mean that, I just mean I need him, I really need Andy,   
          you know, to live. (back to the cake) This is incredible.
Graham  : {Patty looks over to Graham who is on the phone) Right, sorry     
           that, I uh, kept postponing it again...

{Angela's bedroom - Angela hears some giggling, opens door}

{Brian and Sharon are on the bed in mid-giggle)
Sharon : (To Angela) Oh! Hi. - Um, we can go downstairs.
Angela : No, it's fine, I was just..
Brian  : I should probably like go..
Sharon : No! No, no don't go.
Brian  : Um, so your room, is uh..
Angela : A mess..
Brian  : Different! from the last time I saw it..(Awkward moment as Angela  
         watches Brian  look around the room, finally converging on         
         Angela's bra hanging on her mirror)
Angela : Okay well, I'm going.. (shuts door behind her, as Brian and Sharon 
         pick up where they left off)

{Hospital Waiting Area}

(Patty is watching Camille at Andy's bedside on the monitor's behind the    
 front desk. She gets up and goes to Graham who is still on the phone.)

Graham : I'm on hold.. (Patty takes the phone from him and hangs it up.)
(She leads Graham into an empty room, kisses Graham desperately. 
 He half-heartedly resists...)
Graham : Rosenfeld, I gotta call him back..(leaves room for phone)

[Act III]

{Dual Scene: Chase bedroom -Graham/Patty- and Angela's bedroom -            
 Angela/Sharon-, clock reads 6:43AM}

{Patty awakes, looks around, sees Graham peering out the window}
{Angela awakes, looks around, sees Sharon looking out the window}

Sharon : (To Angela) Good morning.

Patty  : (To Graham) How long have you been up?

Sharon : (To Angela) A while..

Angela : (To Sharon) You can have the first shower if you want..

Graham : (To Patty) That's okay, you go ahead..

{Chase Kitchen}

{Danielle is looking in the refrigerator, Graham is watching his coffee     

Danielle : There's like nothing edible in here..
Patty    : Don't be ridiculous sweetie that thing is crammed full of stuff, 
           let me look.. (looks for herself) ...there's like nothing edible 
           in here. (To Sharon) So um, do you want... where's Angela?
Sharon   : She left early. She must have had her reasons, or whatever..
Patty    : Okay um, well do you want me to bring you to the hospital or do  
           you just want to go to school?
Sharon   : Oh, well, I...
Patty    : It's whatever you want sweetie, your mom says that it's up to    
Sharon   : I guess, I guess, school.
Patty    : (To Graham, who is still on brew-watch) You rescheduled with     
            Rosenfeld, right?
Graham   : Uh huh..
Patty    : ...and you've got the estimates, right?
Graham   : I got 'em, yeah.

{Liberty High - Girl's restroom}

Rayanne : (Walks out from stall, hears crying in another stall - Knocks     
           on stall) Hey? Who's in there, what happened?
Sharon  : (Walks out from stall) Nothing, happened.. I'm fine..
          {Sharon and Rayanne are standing in front of mirror looking at    
           each other)
Sharon  : Stop looking at me! (crying)
Rayanne : Stop looking at _me_! - What are you doing here anyway? You are   
          playing this all wrong!
Sharon  : What are you talking about?
Rayanne : Please! Your dad's like seriously sick right? You shouldn't even  
          be here.. People are feeling sorry for you right? - 
          Use it! Take advantage!
Sharon  :'re saying..
Rayanne : I'm saying, you have a personal tragedy, with a loved one, you    
          shouldn't be stuck in some stall, bawling! Isn't there some place 
          else you'd rather be?
Sharon  : ..with my mom, but..
Rayanne : But what, where's she at?
Sharon  : the hospital, with him.. but it's-it's kind of upsetting,    
Rayanne : You should be there..
Sharon  : I know, but.. {Door swings open, it's Angela)
Rayanne : Angelika! Oh my god! We have to go! With Sharon, to the hospital. 
          I'll get Tino to drive us, he loves hospitals, and-and Rickie'll  
          come too, the four of us, right? Come on!
Angela  : I've really been cutting bio, like a lot, so, I should probably   
          skip the hospital. (Bell rings, she runs out the door as Sharon   
          looks on despondently) So, so I'll see you later!

(Outside Liberty High - Under The Bleachers)

(Jordan is under the bleachers smoking, Angela walks up, half crying)

Jordan    : (Notices Angela) Hey..
Angela    : Is this is where you come to smoke?
Angela -VO: "I'm always doing that, I'm always asking questions I already   
             know the answers to.."
Jordan    : Uh huh. So you crying or something?
Angela    : I guess..
Jordan    : How come?
Angela-VO : "'Cause I'm lonely, 'cause I have no friends, because I'm a     
             terrible, terrible person."
Angela    : Because my friend's father is in the hospital, and he could     

(Angela walks over to Jordan for a hug, still crying, Jordan hugs her)
(Jordan's friend walks up in the background)

Jordan : (Breaking hug) That's, that's rough. Gotta go.. (Leaves with       
          friend; and Angela alone)

{Chase Kitchen - Angela walks in}

Angela   : (To Danielle) Is Sharon here?
Danielle : Yeah, and so is dad. But he's upstairs lying down, he said not   
           to disturb him. He said we should send out for some pizza,       
           right? But of course he didn't give me any money, he's trying to 
           starve us.
Angela   : Danielle!? He's just upset, you know, about Mr. Cherski and      
           everything. Go get your money box.
Danielle : No way!
Angela   : Just lay it out, dad will pay you back later..
Danielle : You lay it out.
Angela   : I don't have any money!
Sharon   : (Walks in) Is there anything to eat?
Angela   : Uh, we're sending out for pizza. S-So how, how's your dad doing?
Danielle : How much money do you have?
Sharon   : None. I'm seriously hungry. (Doorbell rings, Angela goes to      
Brian    : Hi, is, Sharon still here? (Sees Sharon) Oh, good. I mean.. Hi.
Angela   : I don't believe this..
Sharon   : Believe it.
Danielle : Hey let Brian pay!
Angela   : Danielle!
Brian    : What I don't mind! Pay for what?
Sharon   : Yeah, why not? I mean maybe he doesn't mind paying for it. We    
           were going to send for pizza.
Brian    : Wow! I mean, good. I do have plenty of cash on me, it's no       
Patty    : (Walking up front steps) What's no problem?
Angela   : We were gonna send for pizza!
Patty    : Oh! Thank goodness. I'm famished. I forgot to have lunch today.  
           Make sure you get double cheese, oh and get some of those little 
           tomatoes daddy likes.
Danielle : Daddy can't be disturbed!
Patty    : What?!
Angela   : He's lying down upstairs.
Patty    : Here, (hands money to Angela) get a large. (Goes upstairs)

{Chase Bedroom - Graham is lying on bed}

Patty  : Graham, what happened, it-is it Andy? 
Graham : Nothing happened..
Patty  : Well, do you-do you feel alright? are you coming down..
Graham : I-I-I just want to lie here..
Patty  : How was your, meeting with Rosenfeld?
Graham : It went okay.
Patty  : Did you feel like you made all your points..
Graham : Um, honey, look I um, I want to tell you, and I will tell you how  
         the meeting went, but I really just can't talk about it, now!      
Patty  : You know it's okay.. We'll live! You know I mean, we don't _have_  
         to have this account, I mean the important thing is..
Graham : I'm really sorry, (Gets up) I-I-I uh, have to get out of here..
Patty  : What! 
Graham : I can't breathe..
Patty  : Graham! If you didn't land this account, that's..
Graham : Please!
Patty  : ..okay..
Graham : ..just let it be, okay?! I can't..
Patty  : What?! You, you can't what? What is wrong? (sighs) Where are you   
Graham : I'm sorry! I have to get out of this house.. (Takes off            
         downstairs, out the front door, a car is faintly heard leaving     
         the area...)

(Danielle eyes Patty, at the top of the stairs, suspiciously and walks off)

Brian  : (To Patty) They say it'll be here in twenty minutes.
Angela : Great. (Phone rings, Brian answers)
Brian  : Hello? - Um, yeah. - Hold, hold on a second. It's for you.
         (To Sharon)
Sharon : (Takes phone) Hello? Oh! Kyle! Thank god it's you!
Brian  : You know? I'm sort of not really that hungry? for pizza now that   
         I think about it. (leaves kitchen)
Sharon : (On phone) Okay, great! Yeah, I'll be ready. Okay, bye! (Hangs up)
Angela : Oh nice.
Sharon : What!?
Angela : You, you just made a date with Kyle?
Sharon : Yeah, not that it's any of your business.
Angela : I don't believe you! What about Brian?!
Sharon : Angela! Kyle is my _boyfriend_, I hate to tell you..
Angela : Well, Brian Krakow happens to be waiting in my living room and I   
         don't know what you're doing with him!
Sharon : Nothing! Nothing! We're just, we're just, friends. Ugh!
Angela : Yeah, when Kyle's not around, you've been like using him..
Sharon : _You_ are lecturing _me_?! about using Brian Krakow when he is     
         like so obviously in love with you and you like totally use him!
Angela : Brian Krakow is not in love with me!
Sharon : That's all Rayanne Graff says..
Angela : You know what? Just don't even speak to me, okay?
Sharon : I can't believe you can't even be nice to me, god at a time like   
Angela : Why do you even need me to be nice to you since everybody else in  
         the world is?! (Sharon storms out the kitchen, past Brian out      
         to the front door. Patty comes downstairs thinking Graham has come 
         back home, sees Brian)
Brian  : They said the pizza will be here in um, twenty minutes.
Patty  : Oh. I'm not hungry. (Heads back upstairs)

[Act III]

{Chase Bedroom - It's 12:37AM, phone rings, Patty answers)

Patty   : (Very sleepily) Graham? 

Camille : (From the hospital) No, it's me. I'm just calling to thank you.

Patty   : Thank me? For what?

Camille : For sending Graham over here, I don't know how you knew, but he   
          is exactly who I needed.

Patty   : Well, good. Um, how is it, how is it going? How is Andy?

Camille : Well, we don't, you know, we're still waiting to hear if the      
          angioplasty worked. Oh, and by the way, I hope you understand     
          about Sharon.

Patty   : Sharon?

Camille : You know, she just really felt like she needed to spend the night 
          in her own bed, you know?

Patty   : Sure, of course.

Camille : Patty, you're the greatest friend. Go back to sleep.

Patty   : Okay. (hangs up phone)

{Hospital Waiting Area)

Camille : Here, now, you prefer your coffee at least two days old, right?
Graham  : I insist upon it. You've been amazing, through all this.
Camille : No, I just don't think it's hit me yet.
Graham  : So Andy, was he working really hard? or something? I mean why do  
          you think..
Camille : Why do I think he had a heart attack at forty? Sweetie, I don't,  
          know.. But he does work too hard, actually his new boss is        
          telling him go easier on yourself. The lumber business is very    
          unpredictable. I keep telling him he should take some time off,   
          but you the truth of it is? He loves it, he loves his work. It's  
          his life!
Graham  : It must be great, to feel that way.
Doctor  : (Walks in to waiting area) Mrs. Cherski. Good news. The           
           angioplasty was a complete success.
Camille : Oh god!
Doctor  : There was a small blockage that we were able to clear. That's     
          what was causing the arrhythmia. (Camille is weeping) 
          I prescribed a few medications he'll need to take, but he is      
          going to be just fine.
Camille : I think, I think it finally hit me!
Graham  : Thank you.. (To doctor, leading Camille away)

{Chase Bedroom - Patty, fresh from a shower, greets Graham at their         
 bathroom door}

Graham : Andy's going to be okay.
Patty  : Oh, thank god.
Graham : I landed the account.
Patty  : I don't, understand..
Graham : When they told me, I don't know, it was like a, this moment        
         because I had to admit that, I didn't want to land it. Because     
         landing it means that, I'm really doing this. This is my job, this 
         is my life, this is it! This is what I really.. - 
         But, look I'm sorry that I couldn't uh..
Patty  : Oh no, that's..
Graham : know, handle it or whatever..
Patty  : That's okay..
Graham : But look, I landed it right? - That's all that matters.
Patty  : I don't think so. I don't think that's all that matters.
Graham : Say what you mean.
Patty  : I'm proud of you, I'm glad you landed the account, and you're      
Graham : What?!
Patty  : You're fired, because I love you, because I don't want to lose     
Graham : Uh, no, no Patty it's okay, I-I-I can fix my responsibilities..
Patty  : I know it, but you're not happy, you're not. 
         You're.. (sighs) something has to change.
Graham : What'll we do? I mean. 
Patty  : I don't know..
Graham : What'll I do? I don't even..
Patty  : I don't know what you're gonna do.. I guess you're finally going   
         to figure it out. (They embrace)

{Liberty High - Angela is sitting outside on a railing as bell rings}

(Rayanne and Rickie run up to Angela, who is reading, pretending they don't 
 see her}

Rayanne : You know that girl, Angela, Chase?
Rickie  : That red-headed girl?
Rayanne : Yeah, some red-head, it's out of a bottle.. No, well anyway, is   
          she avoiding us?
Rickie  : I think she is, I think we make her physically ill or something..
Rayanne : I think so, because..
Rickie  : You know?
Rayanne : Ooh! Angela! Hi!
Angela  : Very funny..
Rayanne : So, I guess you've heard, Sharon's dad's okay.
Angela  : That's great! No, I hadn't heard, I'm, obviously the last person  
          in Pittsburgh to hear. So, you're friend's with Sharon now?
Rayanne : Well, so? You are, right?
Rickie  : Look! We all know what's going on around here okay? ..which is    
          that you (Rayanne) are jealous..
Rayanne : What?!
Rickie  : And you (Angela), you are totally flipped because Rayanne finally 
          did something nice for once in her life..
Rayanne : Hey!
Rickie  : Which she did, by taking Sharon to go visit her dad. And now both 
          of you just want to be sure that you both still are friends,      
          which you are, so shut up! (Angela laughs)
Rayanne : Let's kill him.. (They chase Rickie) Say your prayers Vasquez!

{Sharon's Bedroom - Angela knocks while Sharon is in bed listening to her   

Angela : I've been knocking but..
Sharon : What?
Angela : Your mom let me in, I, came to drop off your bag. What are you     
         listening to?
Sharon : A group you probably hate.
Angela : Oh, okay, I'll go. I'm glad your dad's gonna be okay.. (turns to   
Sharon : My father almost died. And you were the only person who didn't     
         even seem to care, people I barely knew, were coming up to me all  
         like, concerned, and you, you acted like you barely even knew me.
Angela : (Beginning to cry) I know, I know I acted like that. I just didn't 
         know what else to do.. I knew I was the last person on earth you   
         wanted to deal with..
Sharon : (Beginning to cry) You were, the only, person, I wanted to deal    
Angela : (Crying) I wanted to talk to you too, it just seemed like, you     
          wanted help from everyone but me!
Sharon : I was, really scared.
Angela : I was too. (They hug)
Sharon : (Crying) I know, I know we have different friends now, but         
          sometimes I miss you so much!
Angela : Me too..
Sharon : It really, hurt.
Angela : (Smiling, and offering hand) Squeeze my hand as hard as it hurts..
Sharon : (Squeezes Angela's hand, cries and Angela and Sharon hug again)

{Evening, Angela is walking home from Sharon's}

{Angela walks up to Brian, who is working on his bike under a tree}

Brian  : You're in my light.
Angela : So Sharon's dad is going to be okay.
Brian  : I heard, your friend Rickie told me.
Angela : I was just over there, at Sharon's, I ended staying a pretty long  
Brian  : Is there some reason you think I should care about this?
Angela : I don't know. You two are friends..
Brian  : I guess. I mean we're not, like really friends.
Angela : Well but you've been hanging out with her, right?
Brian  : Look.. was just, she needed me, I mean, not me, but somebody, 
         anybody, and I just happened to be there, and we just, so, we just 
         like hung out, or whatever, I mean it could have been anyone.
Angela : No, that's not true, it doesn't work with just anyone, I mean some 
         people.. .. I mean I think she needed you.
Brian  : Why?
Angela : 'Cause of certain ways, that you are..
Brian  : What, did you, like give this thought? or something?
Angela : Brian! go inflate your tire.. (She heads for home, stops and looks 

Angela-VO : "There's so many different ways to be connected to people.      
            (Scene changes to Jordan at his locker as Angela walks by..)    
             There are the people you feel this unspoken connection to,     
             even though there's not even a word for it. 
            (Scene changes to the Chase House front door where Graham       
             kisses Patty off to work..) 
             There's the people who you've known forever, who know you in   
             this way that other people can't, because they've seen you     
            (Scene changes to Liberty High, Angela is walking down the      
             hallway with Rayanne and Rickie, passes Sharon who is walking  
             with her friends..) ..they've let you change."