My So-Called Life - Episode 9


Transcribed by Anne Kubelik

HALLOWEEN (Episode 9)

Angela      = Angela Chase
Danielle    = Danielle Chase
Patty       = Patty Chase
Graham      = Graham Chase
Sharon      = Sharon Cherski
Rayanne     = Rayanne Graf
Rickie      = Rickie Vasquez
Brian       = Brian Krakow
Jordan      = Jordan Catalano
Nicky       = Nicky Driscoll
Shopkeeper  = Shopkeeper in costume shop
Miss Lerner = Miss Lerner, English teacher.
Boy         = Boy in English class
Girl 1      = Girl in girl's restroom
Connie      = Nicky's girlfriend
Ruthie      = Connie's friend
Billy       = Nicky's friend
Kids 1,2,&3 = Trick-or-treaters

[Chase kitchen]
Angela (VO) : When I was little I, like, worshipped Halloween. And
              truthfully, part of me still does. 'Cause it's your one
              chance all year to be someone else.
Patty       : Are you sure you don't want to wear my flapper dress?
Angela      : Mom, why do you always ask me everything 10 times? I said no.
Danielle    : I can't be catwoman.
Patty       : Do you want cereal?
Angela (VO) : I wanna be someone else, but to wear, like, an actual
              costume to school is too scary.
Angela      : No, thanks. I just don't see the point of wearing a costume.
Danielle    : Mom, I can't be catwoman. Sheri Hickey is going to be
              catwoman. And she's, like, developed.
Graham      : I thought she was gonna be Madonna.
              [phone rings]
Danielle    : I'll get it!
Patty       : She wants to be someone scary.
Danielle    : Hello?
Graham      : Who's scarier than Madonna?
Danielle    : Dad, Madonna peaked. It's that Boyd guy.
Patty       : [On phone] Boyd! No, no, no. That's all right.
Danielle    : Is that the guy Mom hired to replace you?
Graham      : No one can replace me. And, yes.
Patty       : Well, no. No. Of course. I understand. Ok, I'll see you then.
              [Hangs up phone] He'll be little late. Chiropractor.
Graham      : Again?
Angela      : Mom?
Danielle    : Mom, what should I be?
Angela      : A pain in the butt, 'cause you are.
Graham      : Heh!
Danielle    : I'd be you, but nobody I can find a mask that ugly.
Angela      : [snorts]
Patty       : Danielle! Danielle, let this be a lesson to you. Don't
              always leave thing 'til the last minute. So, do you want
              my flapper dress?
Danielle    : Mom, you asked me that 10 times.
Angela      : You know what's happening? I'm sleeping over at Rayanne's.
Patty       : I know. I said you could. Don't ask me everything 10 times.
Angela      : [To Danielle] I meant that as a joke.
Danielle    : Sure. [Angela and Danielle leave]
Graham      : So, uh, you basically feel he's working out? Boyd?
Patty       : What can I say. He's always either coming late or leaving
              early. There's always some chiropractic adjustment I have
              to hear about. I mean, he means well. Wait! Who are we
              gonna be?
Graham      : When we grow up?
Patty       : No, at, at Camille's costume party tonight.
Graham      : I hate Halloween. Woah! You've got something. You can wear
              that flapper dress.
Patty       : I hate that flapper dress.

[English class]
Boy         : Hey, rat! Hey, rat girl!
Sharon      : I'm not a rat. I'm a _cat_. Hey, hands off the tail.
Boy         : Watch that tail!
Sharon      : I'm a cat, okay? Deal with it.
Angela (VO) : People are wearing costumes. Even teachers are wearing
              costumes. I should have worn a costume. But who would I be?
Brian       : [cleaning ink spot off shirt] I can't believe people are
              walking around dressed like idiots.
Angela      : I wouldn't talk.
Miss Lerner : OK, people! We're starting a new unit this week. You want
              to read new books. You want to study. Weel, ah, in honor
              of All Saint's Eve, we're going to be reading stories
              about famous ghosts and spirits. Speaking of apparitions,
              where's Catalano? Does anybody know Jordan Catalano?
Angela (VO) : Does anybody know Jordan Catalano? That question, like, got
              to me. I mean, I'd had seven conversations with him, and
              one really bad kiss, and one amazing one.
Miss Lerner : Angela?
Angela (VO) : But did I, like, know him?
Angela      : Sort of.
Miss Lerner : Tell him he better quit ditching class. I want him in
              here tomorrow or I'm going to have his butt kicked out of
              school. There are too many good kids. I mean, I just don't
              have time for the bad ones. Ok, let's open our books and
              turn to page 7.

[Brain, passing by the girl's restroom, watches Rayanne, dressed as a
sexy witch, shaving her legs]
Girl        : You, know this is how drains get clogged.
Rayanne     : This is how girls get foamy.
              [Rickie enters]
Rayanne     : Whoa! Scary costume!
Rickie      : Yeah. I got it from Brian Krakow. I thought this
              Halloween, I'd be everyone else.
              [Angela enters]
Rayanne     : Angelika!
Angela      : You're Brian?
Rayanne     : Wait 'til you see what I brought you! They're actual.
              It's not a costume. They're, like, real.
Rickie      : Oh, look, mohair!
Rayanne     : Go, try them on!
Rickie      : What!  Lerner handed out the new book this early?
Rayanne     : Somebody's got to do something. Halloween bites this year.
              We've got to find Tino. Tino is, like, Mr. Halloween.
              [Sharon enters]
Sharon      : See you in Soc!  Oh, good you're wearing a costume.
              'Cause if more people don't start wearing costumes,
              they're going to be, like, discontinued.
Rayanne     : Cute rat suit.
Sharon      : I'm a cat!
              [Angela comes out of stall in the costume]
              Oh, my god!
Rayanne     : Oh, that fits you perfect. We've got to do your hair and
              your make-up.
Rickie      : Let's see who else had it. Don't you like to see who else
              had a book...  Nicky Driscoll?
Rayanne     : Lie!
Sharon      : _The_ Nicky Driscoll?
Rickie      : See for yourself.
Angela      : Who's Nicky Driscoll?
Rayanne     : Unreal. There it is.
Sharon      : Oh, my god! Didn't he, like, die on Halloween?
Girl        : He didn't die on Halloween. That's just a myth.
Rayanne     : He did so!
Girl        : Did not!
Angela      : Who is Nicky Driscoll?
Sharon      : Angela! We heard about him freshman year.
Rayanne     : It was, like, after this Halloween dance. He and his
              friends decided to paint the gym black, just to do it?
              And, um, he was, like, up in the rafters. And some moron
              girl leaves her spike heel right in the middle of the
              floor, don't ask me why. And, so, when he fell, this
              humongous spike, like, stabbed him right in the nostril.
All         : Oooo! Gross!
Rickie      : Rayanne, that's disgusting!
Sharon      : Ooo, shut up!
Girl        : They just tell kids he dies like that so people won't
              climb the rafters.
Sharon      : No.No, it's true. Out Moms even know about him. It was
              the Halloween right before Kennedy got shot.
Rickie      : That's not how I heard about it. I heard he was trying to
              hang this banner that, like,  declared his love for this
Angela      : Nicky Driscoll. This couldn't really be his book. It's a
              prank. It's fake.
Rickie      : But look. It's faded.
Sharon      : He and my uncle's friend were, like, in the same class.
              And my uncle said the night he dies, there was this
              storm and the electricity went out. And the next day, they
              found out the electricity went out at the exact same time
              that Nicky died.
Rayanne     : My Mom's sister once rode on the back of his bike. She was,
              like, 12 and said she was 15. Those are her clothes.
              [Offers toilet paper to Angela] Do you want to stuff?
Angela      : Rayanne!
Rayanne     : Are you sure? It's the way they did it in the old days.
              Rickie, you know, you look good without make-up.

[Hallway in front of trophy case. Rickie hums Blue Moon]
Angela      : Oh, Rickie, it has pockets. [Finds ticket] Oh, Rickie, look!
Rickie      : Wow! That's so cool!
Angela      : So, what else do you know about him?
Rickie      : About who?
Angela      : You know, Nicky Catalano.
Rickie      : You mean Nicky Driscoll.
Angela      : Why? What did I say?
Rickie      : Never mind. I don't know much about either of them. So,
              you coming to Soc?
Angela      : In a minute.

[Costume shop]
Graham      : Wow!
Patty       : Told you there was a shop here. [Sigh] Do you think I'm
              going to have to fire him?
Graham      : Boyd? You're kidding!
Patty       : It's just not working out. I mean...[Enter shopkeeper.]
Shopkeeper  : Please don't say you want Power Rangers. We're out.
              Everybody's out.
Graham      : Ah, it's not for our kids. Her friend's having a costume
Patty       : Camille is _our_ friend!
Graham      : Not when she's having a costume party.
Patty       : Love your costume.
Shopkeeper  : What costume? I got just what you need. Rapunzel. And a
Graham      : [chuckles]
Patty       : What's so funny?
Graham      : You as Rapunzel. Well, I mean... Come on... Not that...
              Well, you know... Um, actually, I don't see myself in
Patty       : I would rather not be a storybook character if possible.
Shopkeeper  : Today's Halloween. Yesterday, I could have got you Bill and
              Hilary. Let this be a lesson to you. Don't always leave
              everything 'til the last minute.
Patty       : We'll take them.
Graham      : Ah, should we try them on or something?
Shopkeeper  : Look, dollface. I've been doing this for a lot of years.
              They're gonna fit like a glove. Trust me.

[As Angela climbs the school stairs, she sees Nicky Driscoll on the
landing.  As she approaches, he turns into Jordan]
Angela      : Um, it's a costume. I wouldn't really dress like this.
              I'm supposed to give you a message.
Jordan      : From Tino?
Angela      : No, from Miss Lerner.
Jordan      : Who?
Angela      : Miss Lerner? She's been our English teacher for, like,
              over a month now. Ah, she says you have to start showing
              up to class, um, or she's going to have you kicked out.
Jordan      : So what's the message?
Angela      : That you're going to get kicked out of school.
Jordan      : Like it's doing so much for me. [Leaves]
Angela      : You're welcome! Don't you even care?
              [Rayanne pounces]
Rayanne     : I'm having a brain hemorrhage, this is such a great idea.
Angela      : I can't believe it. I can't even communicate with him when
              it matters. When it could affect his, like, life.
Rayanne     : Will you forget Catalano? I've got such a great idea I've
              really got something going here. I told Tino about your
              book, so we are going to meet here, tonight, outside the
              school, at, like, 9:00, 'cause it's a witchy number, and
              we are going to contact the spirit of Nicky Driscoll.
              Finally! It's Halloween! Awoo! Awoo! Awoo! Awoo! [Leaves]

[Library.  Angela picks out the yearbook for 1963 and opens it to
Nicky Driscoll's picture.]
Angela (VO) : When someone dies young, it's like they stay that way
              forever, like a vampire.
Rayanne     : Oh, look! Just your type! Watch out for those dead guys.
              They'll break your heart.
Angela      : I just wanted to see what he looked like.
Rayanne     : So, you're going to be there tonight, right? I mean,
              since he contacted you.
Angela      : Rayanne, stop.
Rayanne     : [Looks at picture of Kurt Cobain] Oh, I still can't look
              at him.
Angela      : If he were alive today, he'd be...
Rayanne     : Who? Nicky? That's easy! Probably some burnt-out greaser
              with no teeth and a parole officer.
Angela      : Oh, Rayanne! That's so unfair! Seems like some people
              have to die young. Like it fits them or something.
Rayanne     : [Sings Blue Moon]
Angela      : Why are you singing that song?
Rayanne     : I don't know. 'Cause Rickie was, I guess. Angela, we have
              to do this.
Angela      : I don't know. It seems like such a sick idea.
Rayanne     : So, what's the down side?
Angela      : I mean, contact him? How? I have enough trouble contacting
              living guys. I don't even believe in ghosts.
Rayanne     : Yeah, right. That's why you ran here to check his picture.
              I'll see you tonight.
Librarian   : Shhh!
Rayanne     : I'm leaving! Keep your shroud on! [Sings] Angela and Nicky
              sitting in a tree...

[On steps in front of the school]
Rickie      : I heard. Count me out.
Rayanne     : Oh, nice and open-minded. Have these clothes gone to your
Brian       : Ah, Rickie?
Rayanne     : Seriously, you know you want to.
Brian       : Um, excuse me. Can I talk to Rickie, please?
Rayanne     : What am I? A receptionist?
Brian       : Look it's no big deal. I just... Look, about the clothes.
              Um, you can return them whenever, if you need to keep them
Rayanne     : Why would he want to keep them longer? The whole point of
              him wearing them is he would never wear them.
Rickie      : Ignore her. She got up on the wrong side of the coffin
              this morning.
Rayanne     : Come on. You've got to help me figure out, like, what do
              we bring?
Rickie      : Gee, let me think.  I haven't raised the dead recently.
Rayanne     : Oh, like I have.
Brian       : So you guys, like... Is there a party or something?
Rayanne     : Forget it. Tino will know.  Tino and the forces of
              darkness are like this! [crosses fingers] I'm still
              counting on you, Vasquez! We will meet back here
              tonight, 9:00, at this very spot. Ahahahahaha!
Rickie      : Crazy plan.
Brian       : Yeah, I figured. So by we, did she mean... I mean, who
              exactly did she mean?
Rickie      : Just be glad you're not doing it. It involves a ghost. I
              think it's a terrible idea.
Brian       : 'Cause you don't believe in ghosts?
Rickie      : No, because I do. Listen, I'll return the clothes tomorrow.
              I'll even wash them and everything.
Brian       : Oh wait. Be careful. You have to wash the pants separate.

[Chase kitchen.]
Graham      : I decided to make pumpkin soup. We can freeze it.
Patty       : I can't even bear to look at him anymore. Boyd. I've gotta
              tell him he's fired. Somehow.
Graham      : Is this like when there's a spider and you expect me to
              kill it for you?
Patty       : What? No, nobody's expecting you to kill anything. You're
              not involved in the business anymore. I've accepted that.
              You know, the longer I put it off the worse it gets. I've
              just got to do it. [Tastes soup] It needs something.
              [Danielle enters in the Angela costume]
              Oh, good. I thought you'd already gone off with Courtney.
              Listen honey, Camille's going to send Sharon over to pick
              up the chaffing dish. Would you give it to her when she
              comes here? Sweetheart? 
Danielle    : Mom, Sharon Cherski and I exist in, like, two different
              worlds, okay? I can't just hand her a dish, okay? I mean
              it's just not that simple.
              [Patty and Graham stare in horror]
              I'm doing Angela. Pretty good, huh?
Patty       : I thought it was starting all over again!
Graham      : Very convincing, Danielle.
Patty       : My God! That was really scary!
Graham      : Your mother and I have to go change into our idiotic
              Halloween costumes now. So you be back over at Courtney's
              at 10:00.
Danielle    : 10:00?  On Halloween?
Patty       : That was very good, Danielle.
Graham      : Yeah.
Patty       : It sounded just like Angela.
Danielle    : That was me!
Patty       : 10:00.

[Patty and Graham's bedroom, as they put on their Halloween costumes]
Graham      : It's a shame. He seemed like such a nice guy.
Patty       : It doesn't change anything, though.
Graham      : It just seems... I mean... You can't expect him to be
              perfect. I'm not perfect. You didn't fire me. Oh, well...
Patty       : Technically, I did.
Graham      : Yeah, technically, you did.
Patty       : Ooo, check out the wig!
Graham      : Oh, I can't handle this.
Patty       : Graham nobody is asking you to fire him.
Graham      : No, I mean this. Look, they're purple, Patty.
Patty       : I kind of like them. The point is, I hired someone who's
              not working out. I gotta deal with it... God, I can hardly
Graham      : I just hope... Suppose his kids, like, suddenly need
              braces or something. You know... This is wrong.
Patty       : No, it has to be this way. I mean, he means well, but...
              This is so tight.
Graham      : Look, it's not that I wouldn't do it for you. Because, if
              you really want me to do it...
Patty       : It's just that it's so scary to have to fire someone.
Graham      : There are worse things in this world. Believe me.
Patty       : I just can't help picturing his poor little children
              without braces. [Sigh] If only there was some way out.
Graham      : Forget those little rugrats. He leaves early to go to the
              chiropractor, he's a dead man. I'll fire him myself, the
              filthy cur.
Patty       : Graham! That sounds so cutthroat!
Graham      : Well, all is fair in love and war.

[Sharon rings doorbell]
Danielle    : Hi. The chafing dish is in here. What are you, a mouse
              or something?
Sharon      : Yeah, I'm a mouse. Oh my God! You're Angela!
Danielle    : I can't talk about it, ok?
Sharon      : Only, Angela would stand more like this.
Danielle    : Yeah, like the shirt's her only friend, or something.
              Well, I've got to go.
Sharon      : Oh. Trick-or-treating, huh?
Danielle    : Yeah, there's this house on Rossmore, and they made it like
              a haunted house. And then on Courtney's street, they give
              really good candy. Where are you going?
Sharon      : Out with my boyfriend.
Danielle    : Wow. Well, bye.
Sharon      : Bye! [Danielle leaves] Danielle, wait!

[Night, On the steps in front of the school]
Rayanne     : Angela? Angela? [Brian appears.] Ahh! What are you doing
Brian       : Nothing. Public property. I'm locked out of my house.
Rickie      : Where's, where's Angela?
Rayanne     : She said she heard something. I think I spooked her.
Rickie      : What are you doing here?
Rayanne     : It's public property.
Brian       : I left my keys in your pants. I mean, my pants.
Angela      : I guess it was the wind. I mean, I heard something. You're
Rayanne     : He left his keys in Rickie's pants.
Angela      : Oh, no!
              [Angela and Rayanne laugh]

Danielle    : Feel my bag! Go ahead. Feel it.
Sharon      : Feel mine! I can't believe I almost missed it. Promise me
              you won't let boys drain all the fun out of your life.
Danielle    : I promise. I wish you were my sister.
Sharon      : Danielle!
Danielle    : I hate her. I do.
Sharon      : Ok. You hate her. So, why'd you want to be her if you hate
              her so much? I'll trade you this jawbreaker for that sucker.
Danielle    : Deal.

[On the steps in front of the school]
Rayanne     : This is the last time I listen to Tino. 
Angela      : It's weird to be here at night.
Brian       : Who's Tino?
Rickie      : A dead man.
Rayanne     : It's Halloween!  I say, I say, we break into the school
              and write "Nicky Driscoll was here" on the gym floor in
              red lipstick.
Rickie      : That is such a terrible idea.
Rayanne     : Come on! We'll be legendary! They won't forget us. We'll
              be like, like Nicky!
Rickie      : Excuse me. Nicky got killed.
Angela      : Come on, Rayanne. There's no way we can break in without
              setting off the alarm.
Rayanne     : There's got to be a way. I'll ask Brian. Brian knows some
              clever chess club way, don't you, Bri. Oh, my God! 
Brian       : What? What?
Rayanne     : You know a way in!
Brian       : I do not!
Rayanne     : I was just goofing on him. I don't believe it! Oh, but
              Brian, you could never risk such a risk, could you, Mr.
              Brilliant Future?
Brian       : Shut up!
Rickie      : My life's complicated enough. Count me out. [Leaves]
Rayanne     : Look, we're going in, with you or without you. And if
              it's without you, then we'll have to go in and get out
              before the cops come.

[They enter through a grate]
Rayanne     : Man. An A-V graveyard. Whoa!
Brian       : Why are you doing this?
Angela      : What do you mean? What about you? Let go of my arm.
Brian       : We'll get into trouble. You could screw up your whole life.
Angela      : At least, at least I'll know I'm alive.
Rayanne     : Hey, maybe the cafeteria's unlocked. Come on!
              [They leave to go up the stairwell]
Rayanne     : We're in! Whoo! Whoo!
              [Angela sees a shadow of Nicky at the top of the stairs and
              climbs the stairs to follow. Rayanne stops to adjust her
              stocking. Brian, watching her, lets the door close.]
Rayanne     : What the hell was that? Oh, no! No!
Brian       : Ok, wait! Let me think!
Rayanne     : You locked us in! You idiot!
Brian       : Shut up! Let me think! Ok, I, I know where the computer is
              for the security system. I'll just, I'll shut off the
              system, and then we can leave through another exit without
              triggering the alarm, ok?
Rayanne     : Were you looking at me?
Brian       : No! Where's Angela?
Rayanne     : There she is! Angela! Angela, meet us in the gym. We've got
              something to, um, take care of.

[School basement]
Rayanne     : Come on! Did you do it yet? Krakow? Huh? Will you do it?
Brian       : Will you please ...
              [Lights go out]
Rayanne     : Ok, turn them back on. Krakow, come on. Joke's over. Turn
              the lights back on.
Brian       : There must be some aspect of the system I'm not familiar

[While Blue Moon plays, Angela walks the halls of the school. She opens
the gym door. Two girls enter the gym, which is decorated with balloons
and a banner for '63.]
Ruthie      : That's the last time I let them use my 45's for a hop. They
              scratched my Mathis and my Ricky Nelson. So, Nicky never
              showed, huh?
Connie      : I don't care. Did they scratch your Elvis?

[Boys are ripping up the school track. Rickie runs under the bleachers
so they won't see him.]
Rickie      : Oh, sorry.
Jordan      : Public property.
Rickie      : Well, I...I was just leaving, so...
Jordan      : I wish I was. Every year we come out here, tear up the
              track, and throw garbage cans over. God, it's getting old.
Rickie      : Well, can't you just go?
Jordan      : No, no. We still gotta find the guy who egged Tino's car.
              That's, like, something I can't get out of. It's always the
              same.  But you come because you think, you know, maybe
              something cool will happen. 'Cause what if something did,
              happen, and you missed it?  You better get out of here,
              though. These guys are pretty ripped.
Rickie      : Ok.

[Johnny Angel plays in the gym]
Ruthie      : Connie! Help me out with these decorations here. Nicky give
              you that?
Connie      : [holding rose] Yeah. Probably stole it off somebody's grave.
Ruthie      : Connie! 
Connie      : Well, he and these creeps he always hangs out with went to
              a cemetery tonight.
Ruthie      : So? He really likes you.
Connie      : I don't care if he does. He's a loser, Ruthie. Nicky
              Driscoll is going nowhere, and I'm not going there with him.
Ruthie      : Are they even? [referring to her breasts]
Connie      : Left one needs more. 
              [As they leave, she hands her toilet paper. Angela picks up
              dropped rose]
Billy       : [in hallway] Come on, Nicky!
              [Angela runs to the hall where she sees Nicky leaning
              against the lockers]

[Chase house]
Kids 1      : Trick-or-treat!
Patty       : Ohhh! Here! What wonderful costumes
Kids 1      : Can I have a little more? Thank you!
Patty       : Happy Halloween! Bye! Those children, so innocent, so sweet.
Graham      : So tender. [He kisses her neck. She throws her handkerchief.]
Patty       : We'll be late.
Graham      : I'll be quick.  [Doorbell rings.]  Not that quick.
Kids 2      : Trick-or-treat!
Patty       : One for you, and one for you, and one for you, and one for
              you. Bye, bye!
Kids 2      : Thank you! Thanks! Hold on! Happy Halloween! Bye!
Patty       : All set. Have the car keys?
Graham      : Yeah [They kiss]
Patty       : Ohh, Graham. Your sword!
Graham      : Sorry. [He rips her bodice]
Patty       : Ahh. Ahh. [Doorbell rings]
Kids 3      : Trick-or-treat!
              [Graham gives them the whole bowl of candy]
Kids 3:     : Whoa! Thanks!
              [Patty and Graham kiss]
Patty       : Oh, oh, no. Leave the tights on just a few minutes more.

[School basement]
Rayanne     : We've gotta find Angela.
Brian       : We can't. We looked. Get over it.
Rayanne     : So dark. Why's it got to be so dark? This is all your fault!
              You were looking at me.
Brian       : What are you talking about?
Rayanne     : You were scoping my legs, and you let the stupid door
              shut. You must be so hard up. Where're you going?
Brian       : Anywhere you're not.
Rayanne     : Brian! Brian, don't go. I'm scared. Scared of the dark, ok?
              Have fun telling all your little friends.
Brian       : You are? I mean, it just doesn't seem like something you'd
Rayanne     : Yeah, well, I am.
Brian       : Is there a reason? Why?
Rayanne     : 'Cause when I was a kid, my dad would come home, wigged
              out of his mind, and he'd lock me in the basement. I'd
              sleep at the foot of the stairs, 'cause if I pressed my
              face against the floor, I could see the light that we left
              on in the hallway. If I turned around, it would be so dark
              [She sobs. Brian puts his arm around her. She laughs]
              You bought that!
Brian       : You are sick!
Rayanne     : Well, you, you expected this big explanation. I don't know
              why I'm scared of the dark. My dad never even came home, so
              that had nothing to do with it. I saw you watching me.
Brian       : What? I'm just... I... When
Rayanne     : Today. Shaving my legs.
Brian       : Well, yeah. I'm, um... Look, I'm... My hobby is photography,
              so I'm, like, trained to notice stuff.
Rayanne     : Being the stuff people notice is my hobby. I mean, I live
              for it. Just don't leave me alone here, Ok?
Brian       : Ok.

[School hallway. Billy holds an effigy.]
Billy       : We've got it good! It's a kick.
Nicky       : Billy, come on.
Billy       : You're getting soft on me. It's that homecoming brat. Come
              on, Nick. We gotta hang principal jerkface.
Nicky       : Why?
Billy       : 'Cause we gotta do it!
Nicky       : You're crazy!
Billy       : I'm doing it for us, man, He can't kick us out of school
              and think he's going to get away with it.
Nicky       : Billy, come on!
Billy       : Forget it!

[School basement]
Brian       : [On phone] Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So, I'm at Brad's right now.
              And he's pretty sick. But I really shouldn't leave him. Um,
              his parents?
Rayanne     : They're out of town.
Brian       : They're out of town. Well, no, we're not unsupervised.
Rayanne     : His grandmother's there.
Brian       : His grandmother's here
Rayanne     : But she's asleep.
Brian       : But she's asleep. So, so, I really should stay. Yeah, I'll
              call you in the morning. No! Don't call here
Rayanne     : You'll wake the grandmother!
Brian       : You'll wake up his grandma, and she's exhausted. She needs
              her rest. Uh, Mom. Mom, Mom, I'll call you in the morning.
              Yes. Ok.

[School hallway. Blue moon plays]
Nicky       : I like this song.
Angela      : I know.
Nicky       : You know, I heard Elvis was only our age when he recorded
              this. Where'd you get the flower?
Angela      : I, um...
Nicky       : She threw it away, huh? Yeah, well, I'm not in her league.
              She thinks I'm a loser.
Angela      : No!
Nicky       : What do you mean, no? She's right
Angela      : Wait, where are you going?
Nicky       : I'm going to help a friend do something.
Angela      : No, don't! Please don't!
Nicky       : Oh, I've got to do it. I can't get out of it.
Angela      : No! You're going to get hurt!
Nicky       : At least I'll know I'm alive.
Angela      : You're not! You're not alive! You threw your life away for
              no reason!
Nicky       : See, ya. [Enters gym]
Angela      : No, wait! Nicky, wait! [She lunges for the gym door, but
              she doesn't reach it before it closes]

[Angela's bedroom. Danielle returns Angela's clothes.]
Patty       : Hey, no more candy.
Danielle    : Mom, I know.
Patty       : Betcha your glad to be yourself again, huh? Better get
              out of your sister's room.
              [Danielle leaves Angela a sucker]

[School basement. Rayanne and Brian are asleep, leaning against each
other. They wake up.]
Rayanne     : Ahhh!
Brian       : Ahhh!
Both        : [at the sight of the janitor] Ahhh!

[Angela is sleep in front of school gym door. Rayanne wakes her up.]
Rayanne     : Angela!
Angela      : Nicky?
Rayanne     : Very funny. Man you sleep like this stoner I knew. He was,
              like, dead. We had to check his breath with a mirror.
              I've been trying to wake you for five minutes. We've
              gotta jam before everybody gets here. Oh, it's cool.
              George is my man. He won't tell. 'Cause there's nothing
              to tell. 'Cause we were never here, right George? Come, on!

[Patty and Graham's bedroom]
Patty       : [on phone] Sorry we didn't show, Camille. No! It must have
              been something we ate, because suddenly something just came
              over us. Anyway, I'm sorry we didn't make it.
Graham      : I wouldn't say we didn't make it.
Patty       : I'm sorry, what? Camille? No. No, of course we had costumes.
              I told you we were all set to go. Bill and Hilary. Ok. I'll
              talk to you later.
Graham      : Why did you tell Camille we were the Clintons?
Patty       : I don't know. It just seemed easier. I mean, what is the
              deal with Rapunzel anyway? Is she a princess? Is she under
              a spell? What? I mean, all anyone ever remembers is that,
              that she has this really long hair and she was locked up in
              some kind of a... 
Graham      : Prison. She let her hair down, and he climbs, and climbs,
              and climbs...
Patty       : This bodice is ripped.
Graham      : Wow. I did that?
Patty       : I guess you don't know your own strength.
Graham      : Patty, do you want me to fire that guy?
Patty       : Part of me wants you to.
Graham      : Part of me wants you to want me to.
              [Phone rings]
Patty       : Hello? Oh, hello, Boyd. [Graham signals for phone. Patty
              turns her back on him.] Boyd, um, there's something that
              I've really got to say, and there's really no great way to
              say it, so, I'm just going to say it, because, um... The
              truth is, Boyd, I don't think you're the right person for
              this job. Well, I'm sorry. Nobody likes to hear these
              things. It's never fun, but, um, in my experience, you
              just gotta face it. Well, no, I didn't see it coming either,
              [Graham leaves room]

[School hallway]
Rickie      : Brian! Here's your clothes. I washed them. Cold.
Brian       : You will not believe, you will not believe what we did last
Rickie      : Yeah, I know. Rayanne told me all about it. I should have
              done it, right?
Brian       : So, what did Rayanne say happened?
Rickie      : Well, actually, she said that nothing happened. That it
              was a total waste of time.
Brian       : Well, yeah, it was. 
              [Rayanne passes by, ignoring Brian]

[Costume shop]
Patty       : Hi, I'd like to return these. There was a slight accident.
Shopkeeper  : Bodice get ripped?
Patty       : Yes, as a matter of fact... Why? Has that happened, um,
Shopkeeper  : Happens every time.  That's Rapunzel for you.
Patty       : I'll, um, pay you for the damage.
Shopkeeper  : No charge, no damage, no harm done.
Patty       : Well, thank you. I was wondering, um, do you ever, I mean,
Shopkeeper  : You want to keep the costumes, don't you?
Patty       : Well, I was, um, thinking about it
Shopkeeper  : Of course, you were.
Patty       : Well, I don't know what I'd do with it. Well, actually, it
              seems kind of silly. Actually, I mean, Halloween is over.
              And, ah, what would we do with them the rest of the year?
              I... Never mind.
Shopkeeper  : You're the boss. Where's the handkerchief?
Patty       : What? What do you mean it isn't in here? Well, sorry. I
              don't know what...
              [sees it on floor and stuffs it into her sleeve]
              what, ah, happened to it.
Shopkeeper  : That I'll have to charge you for.
Patty       : Of course.

[School hallway]
Angela      : You're not going to class?
Jordan      : What's it to you?
Angela      : You know, you're gonna get expelled.  Don't you care?
Jordan      : It don't matter.
Angela      : Of course, it matters.
Jordan      : She's looking to throw me out, OK? She's been waiting for
              this. She thinks I'm a loser.
Angela      : You're crazy to let her tell you what you are. 
Jordan      : What are you talking about?
Angela      : She doesn't know you. She doesn't know who you are. You
              can't let her decide what you do. 
Jordan      : Hey! I decide what I do. Maybe, maybe I want to get kicked
              out of school.
Angela      : Maybe you do. It doesn't mean people can't try and stop
              you, and tell you... I know you think, how could someone
              like me understand.  Only, I do.

[English class]
Miss Lerner : Ok, people. Come on, let's try to look alive. I know we
              all have candy hangovers. Today, we're going to be
              visiting Mr. Dickens' world of dark factories, grey skies,
              lost souls.
              [Jordan enters]
              Speaking of which, Mr. Catalano, how nice to see you. Are
              you just visiting, or are you going to stay with us for
              awhile? All right, people, if you would turn to page 27. Now
              who would like to start the reading today? Come on, people.
              I know we're all tired, but I had far more chocolate than
              you did. Let's get in the spirit of things...
              [Angela finds a pressed rose in her book and smiles.]