CD/DVD Recording

CD Recording

As most people, I started with SCSI-connected CD recorders (my first one was a Teac model, then a Yamaha). As SCSI became very uncommon in desktops (where you burn discs usually) I got a Yamaha CRW3200E. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to buy a Yamaha CRW-F1 before Yamaha stopped its production of recorders.

Okay, the Yamaha CRW3200E is really great. Burns everything. I never burn CD-Rs with more than 16x because of quality issues. 16x is the fastest speed to burn the complete disc without any change in speed, and that seems to be the best strategy.

I liked the TDK discs at 16x and 32x speed. Excellent quality. But all their newer discs (40x and up) simply suck. Very bad quality. Rejected by a lot of drives.

Philips has poor quality as well, however, not as bad as TDK.

Best quality is Sony CD-R. The green 50-piece spindles are great. Very cheap (below 10 EUR), but superior quality and compability.

DVD Recording

My first DVD recorder (still) is a BenQ 1620pro. But the complete DVD technology disappoints me a lot. We are now in the middle of the year 2005, and you still have to be very cautious what medium to chose.

The current firmware of my BenQ 1620pro is B7V9, and it totally sucks with all DVD-R media I've tried like:

I get better results with DVD+R media like

You can grab the latest firmware for all BenQ models on there FTP site. There's also additional software available on their global web site.

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