Sledge Hammer:
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Sledge Hammer!  The Episode Guide
  ABC - September 1986 - June 1988
  Sledge Hammer - David Rasche
  Dori Doreau   - Anne-Marie Martin
  Captain Trunk - Harrison Page
  Officer Majoy - Leslie Morris
  Norman Blates - Kurt Paul
  Officer Daley - Patti Tippo (Second Season)
 1. Under The Gun (Pilot Episode) - Ein perfektes Team
    Debut: Sledge Hammer (David Rasche) is a no-nonsense cop whose best
    friend is his .44 Magnum, and who just loves to use excessive force to
    collar criminals.  In the opener, the mayor's daughter is kidnapped, and
    Hammer vows to bring her back-- "dead or alive."
    b: 23 Sep 86  w: Alan Spencer  d: Martha Coolidge
 2. Hammer Gets Nailed - Heuern und feuern
    A reporter (Ronnie Schell) spends a day with Hammer and gets more 
    than he bargained for, and Hammer gets fired.
    b: 26 Sep 86  w: Al Jean & Mike Reiss  d: Chuck Braverman
 3. Witless - Fromm und keusch
    When a mobster puts out a contract on Hammer, he leaves town and winds
    up in a tranquil "Hamish" village.  Don Phillip: Al Ruscio.
    b: 3 Oct 86  w: Alan Spencer  d: Jackie Cooper
 4. They Shoot Hammers, Don't They? - "Showdown" für Hammer
    An escaped convict promises to wreak havoc unless Hammer agrees to meet
    him in a showdown.  Kogan: Jack Thibeau. Informant: Dennis Fimple.
    b: 17 Oct 86  w: Diana Ayers & Susan Sebastian  d: David Wechter
 5. Dori Day Afternoon - Guten Flug
    Doreau and Hammer are taken hostage during a holdup after she insists
    he handle things like a "civil human being."
    b: 24 Oct 86  w: Mert Rich & Brian Pollack  d: James Sheldon
 6. To Sledge, With Love - Bambule an der Schule
    Hammer encourages young hoods to put their violent ways to good use--
    by becoming cops.  Turk: Shawn Klugman.
    b: 31 Oct 86  w: Jim Fisher & Jim Staal  d: David Wechter
 7. All Shook Up - Jailhouse-Rock
    Hammer does his own version of "jailhouse rocking" to nab a killer 
    who is knocking off Elvis impersonators.  Yamamoto: Raymond Ma.
    With Kurt Paul, Tom McFadden.
    b: 6 Nov 86  w: Alan Spencer  d: Jackie Cooper
 8. Over My Dead Bodyguard - In Hammers Obhut
    Trunk agrees to testify against the mob-and then gets stuck with
    Hammer as his bodyguard.  With Tracy Reed, Robert O'Reilly, Alba
    b: 13 Nov 86  w: Al Jean & Mike Reiss  d: Charles Dubin
 9. Magnum Farce - Selbstjustiz
    Hammer gets a dream assignment when he poses as a violent cop to catch
    a group of vigilantes.  Collins: Janice Lynde.  With Mark Ralston, David
    Leisure, Jay Rasumny, Kathleen Bailey
    b: 22 Nov 86  w: Jim Fisher & Jim Staal  d: Chuck Braverman
10. If I Had a Little Hammer - Der Babyhandel
    Hammer and Doreau try to find out who's robbing the cradle when the
    babies in a hospital nursery disappear.  Felix: Brion James.  With
    Michele Marsh.
    b: 29 Nov 86  w: Deborah Raznick & Daniel Benton  d: Kim Manners
11. To Live and Die on TV - Die 1-Mio-Dollar-Frage
    The answer is: The death of a winning contestant.  The Question: What
    brings Hammer to a TV game show?  Kenny: Peter Marshall.
    b 13 Dec 86  w: Mert Rich & Brian Pollack  d: Daniel Attias
12. Miss of the Spiderwoman - Countdown für Hammer
    Hammer is mistakenly poisoned and by the time he wakes up, he has less
    than 12 hours to live.  Or is it 11?  Cindy: Karen Lynn Scott.
    b: 20 Dec 86  w Al Jean & Mike Reiss  d: Chuck Braverman
13. The Old Man and the Sledge - Von altem Schrot und Korn
    Hammer's enthusiasm about his idol gets put to the test when the ex-cop
    fails to stop a jewelry-store heist.  Yates: Stephen Elliott.  With Alan
    Fudge, Kurt Paul.
    b: 3 Jan 87  w: Mert Rich & Brian Pollack  d: Chuck Braverman

14. State of Sledge - Die Teufel kommen
    The precinct is surrounded by 400 devil worshipers after a cult leader
    is allowed his one phone call.  Pipkin: Tom Henschel.  Ricky: Darren
    Powell.  Slag: Mark Blankfield.
    b: 10 Jan 87  w: Al Jean & Mike Reiss  d: Daniel Attias
15. Haven't Gun, Will Travel - Geliebte Susi
    A criminal plans to emasculate Hammer by depriving him of the one thing
    he truly loves--his .44 Magnum.  Weisbart: Bill Dana.  With Allan Miller,
    Jerry Houser.
    b: 17 Jan 87  w: Gerald Gardner  d: David Wechter
16. The Color of Hammer - Voll getroffen
    When a pool-playing hanging judge turns up dead, Hammer hustles down to
    the local pool hall to rack things up.  Lana: Martine Beswick.  Judge
    Jackson: Allan Rich.
    b: 24 Jan 87  w: Mert Rich & Brian Pollack  d: Bruce Bilson
17. Brother, Can You Spare a Crime? - Bruderherz
    Hammer gets mad when his "brother" gets arrested--and even madder when
    he is released.  Myles: Patrick Wayne.  With Susan Krebs, Dorothy Dells,
    Mia Hunt
    b: 31 Jan 87  w: Gerald Gardner  d: Chuck Braverman
18. Desperately Seeking Dori - Stereohammer
    While pursuing a counterfeiter, Doreau gets a knock on the head, which
    causes her personality to mirror Hammer's.
    b: 7 Feb 87  w: Al Jean & Mike Reiss  d: Bob Sweeney
19. Sledgepoo - Waschen, klauen, fönen
    Hammer's search for a burglar leads to a man with a blow dryer--and a
    new hairdo for Hammer.  Daley: Patti Tippo.  Sir Guy: Michael Des Barres.
    Kruggle: Don Stark.  With Kurt Paul, George Dickerson.
    b: 14 Feb 87  w: Alan Mandel  d: Tommy Schlamme
20. Comrade Hammer - Genosse Hammer
    Hammer has a run-in with a defecting Soviet scientist (Mark Blankfield)
    and winds up protecting him from the KGB.  With Lee Garlington, Richard
    Reicheg, Carl Ciartalio
    b: 21 Feb 87  w: Dave Ketchum & Toni DiMarco  d: Bruce Bilson
21. Jagged Sledge - Der Justizhammer
    Sledge goes on trial for the murder of a racketeer. and ends up with the
    worst possible counsel--himself.
    b: 21 Apr 87  w: Chris Ruppenthal  d: Reza Badiyi
22. The Spa Who Loved Me - Ende gut, gar nichts gut
    Sledge discovers the identity of a group threatening to detonate a
    nuclear warhead.  Jill: Mary Woronov.
    b 28 Apr 87  w: Tina Insana & Robert Wuhl  d: Jackie Cooper
Season Two:
23. A Clockwork Hammer - Die roten Schuhe
    In this "Max Headroom" sendup, a demented TV programmer schemes to
    brainwash witnesses in a mobster's trial.  Raker: Dan Lauria. With
    Nicholas Guest, Sal Viscuso, Ken Letner, Eugene Robert Glazer, Leslie
    Morris, Dorothy Dells, John Zenda, Beverly Leech.
    b: 17 Sep 87  s: Alan Spencer  w: Chris Ruppenthal  d: Reza Badiyi
24. Big Nazi On Campus - Nazis an der Uni
    A coed's murder leads Hammer and Doreau down separate paths to identify
    the villian, with Hammer's instincts pointing to a football star.
    [Features Ray Walston as Professor McCoy]
    b: 24 Sep 87  s: Alan Spencer  w: Mert Rich & Brian Pollack  d: Chuck
25. Play It Again, Sledge - Besuch aus alten Tagen
    In this spoof of film noir, a trench-coated stranger (Robert Sacchi)
    befriends Hammer after the cop opens a detective agency.
    b: 1 Oct 87  s: Alan Spencer  w: Davd Ketchum & Tony DiMarco  d: Bill
26. Wild About Hammer - Töliche Gefühle
    Hammer's deft display of machismo gains him an instant admirer in a
    psychotic new officer (Beverly Leech), who sets her sights on him.
    b: 8 Oct 87  w: Alan Spencer  d: Gary Walkow
27. Death of a Few Salesmen - Einen Skalp gerettet
    Hammer poses as an Aussie car dealer to nab the woman who married, then
    killed, six salesmen.  Mrs. Cody: Victoria Carroll.
    b: 15 Oct 87  s: Brooke Kofford & Bret Kofford  w: Mark Curtiss & Rod Ash
    d: Bill Bixby
28. Vertical - Von oben betrachtet
    After an incident atop a high-rise, an acrophobic Hammer lands a ground
    floor assignment guarding a gun moll (Deborah Harmon).
    b: 29 Oct 87  w: David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco  d: Reza Bediyi
29. Dressed To Call - Ratschläge für die Frau
    Hammer Vows to collar a crackpot who's threatening the host of a radio
    program about men.  Dr. Stone: Christine Healy.
    b: 5 Nov 87  w: Mert Rich & Brian Pollack  d: Jackie Cooper
30. Hammer Hits the Rock (a.k.a. Sledge on the Rock) - Mini-Papillon
    Rumors of amobster's planned prison break send Hammer to a Federal pen,
    disguised as hit man Nick the Dart.  Winston: Dick Bakalyan.
    b: 12 Nov 87  w: Mark Curtiss & Rod Ash  d: Bill Bixby
31. Hammeroid - Ferngesteuert
    A megalomaniac bent on creating an army of automatons turns Hammer into
    a half-man, half-machine.  Dr. Art Deco: Richard Moll.  With Armin
    Shimerman, Sid Haig, Carl Ciarfalio, Tony Fasce.
    b: 26 Nov 87  w: Ron Friedman  d: Gary Walkow
32. Last of the Red Hot Vampires - Hammer in Transsylvanien
    Hammer investigates the deaths of a director and a starlet amid reports
    that a film vampire (Bernie Kopell) has returned from the grave.
    b: 19 Nov 87  w: Alan Spencer  d: Bill Bixby
33. Sledge in Toyland - Ausgespielt
    Hammer searches for the murderer of a toy magnate and his mistress.
    Felicia: Eli Marder.  Bell: David Clennon.
    b: 3 Dec 87  w: Mert Rich & Brian Pollack  d: Gary Walkow
34. Icebreaker - Der Eisbrecher
    Hammer is aced out of an investigation by a British operative (Adam Ant)
    trying to thwart a terrorist--and romance Doreau.
    b: 10 Dec 87  s: Chris Ruppenthal  w: Mark Curtiss & Rod Ash  d: Bill
35. They Call Me Mr. Trunk - Hoher Blutdruck
    The precinct is quarantined after Hammer helps locate a man exposed 
    to a highly toxic substance.  Poltz: William Smithers.
    b: 17 Dec 87  w: Mark Curtiss & Rod Ash  d: Seymour Robbie

36. Model Dearest - Das Lieblingsmodell
    Doreau infiltrates a modeling agency that's a front for a white-slavery
    ring.  Don Merrill: Brion James.
    b: 7 Jan 88  w: David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco  d: Dick Martin
37. Sledge, Rattle, and Roll - Hammer's Rock 'n Roll
    Sledge confronts a sleazy record producer (the Monkees' Davy Jones) after
    a rock star (Dana Williams) and his band are murdered.
    b: 15 Jan 88  w: Mert Rich & Brian Pollack  d: Bill Bixby
38. Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came? - Kriegsspiele
    Hammer plots to unmask a killer whose dastardly deed was committed during
    a corporate war game.  Swenson: Anthony DeLongis.
    b: 22 Jan 88  w: Chris Ruppenthal  d: Dick Martin
39. The Secret of My Excess - Behämmert
    Hammer scours the city's sleazy bars to find the governor's missing
    daughter.  LaChatte: James Karen.  Angel: Mary Otis.
    b: 29 Jan 88  w: Alicia maria Schuldt  d: Dick Martin
40. It Happened WHAT Night? - K.O. in der Hochzeitsnacht
    Hammer and Doreau are unable to recall events of the night they posed
    as newlyweds.  Talbot: Stanley Brock.
    b: 5 Feb 88  w: Mark Curtiss & Rod Ash  d: Bill Bixby
41. Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer - Der Bund fürs Leben
    Hammer learns that an old chum (Michael Kaufman) plans to marry the
    ex-Mrs. Hammer (played by Rasche's wife Heather Lupton).
    b: 12 Feb 88  w: Mert Rich & Brian Pollack  d: Bill Bixby
Notes:  There has been a home video release on tape and laserdisc of four
episodes (All Shook Up, Witless, Wild About Hammer, and Under The Gun).
Each has also been released individually on a seperate tape.  The version of
the pilot episode on the home video release has several additional scenes
not aired which make Sledge look even more sadistic.
Figuring they would be cancelled at the end of the first season, they had
Sledge (and everyone else) perish in a nuclear explosion as Sledge tried to
defuse a nuclear warhead.  Surprising to everyone, ABC renewed the show.
The first second season opened with the final scene from the first season and
Garry Owens announcing that the following episode took place five years
Compiled by Lee Whiteside from TV Guide listings and information from the
episodes as aired.

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