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Willkommen im Leben

German episode guide:
(with english scripts :-)

[Claire Danes]
[Claire Danes]
[Claire Danes] (as you can see, episode 18 and 19 were exchanged for each other)

[Claire Danes] Soundtrack titles:

  1. Juliana Hatfield - make it home
  2. Buffalo Tom - soda jerk
  3. Sonic Youth - genetic
  4. Further - petty core
  5. Madder Rose - drop a bomb
  6. Afghan Whigs - fountain and fairfax
  7. Archers of Loaf - south carolina
  8. The Lemonheads - dawn can't decide
  9. Frente! - the book song
  10. Daniel Johnston - come see me tonight
  11. "My So-Called Life" - theme

[Claire Danes] Qoutes:

"You're so beautiful,
 it hurts to look at you."

	Angela Chase,
	pilot episode


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